"The Innovator of ImpaKt !!"

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You've reached the home of the fastest rising WyldemAn in the midwest, the Innovator of ImpaKt, the one man wylde machine, the WyldemAn Xpress...Wyldechylde. This mixed-style talent with a plethora of moves from every angle of the spectrum will step into the ring with anyone... anyone who is willing to......................... 
Read an exclusive, and candid interview with Wyldechylde conducted by Wicked Wrestling Alliance(WWA). This interview will only be available to you here at Wyldechylde.com, or a *Special Edition* "Hell on Earth" WWA Program only available @ WWA Prophecy Nov. 29th !! Click the link:
Read an interview conducted with Wyldechylde by James Hinson of www.indyprocentral.cjb.net Look for this interview in the coming weeks, aswell as indy news from all over the country. Click the below link for this Interview.
"Heads are gonna roll !!"

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