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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

12:12AM - Drained !


Got to Memphis around 3pm (Left later than expected). Showered, got dressed, and off we go for the rehersal dinner. Did the rehersal of the wedding once, then missed most of the second run through due to taking my youngest nephew out, because he was EVERYWHERE! I didn't care ! Most wedding's are very much the same. Plus, I got more time with my nephew. I MISS THE HELL OUT OF THOSE TWO BOYS. Austin is 6, and Hunter is 2...Both are my sister Mandi's. We all lived in Danville together, then I moved down here by STL, and they moved to Memphis. I was used to seeing those boys EVERY DAY, then I went nearly 3 months without them. Sucks! Get done at the rehersal, and go out to dinner. It was a NICE Italian joint. The groom's mom was paying though. So, we all get to chowing, and my stepdad(Bob), and I work an angle where my brother the "SARGE" gets sang to by the house opera singer. I couldn't understand him, but it was LOUD, and the look on Greg's face was PRICELESS! I bet someone got the picture! I must find out! After the dinner, which was UNBELIEVABLE, we all went our seperate ways. I crashed at Mandi's house to kick it with my boy James(Mandi baby daddy; well one of em/ My best friend), which was really cool hanging out again. We're TIGHT! I also got to spend more time with the nephews. Found out Hunter is now speaking full sentences, which before he was doing alright with some words, but was still picking things up. James had him tell me he'd hit me with a stick, which comes out more like "Untle Curt, I hit you wiff my DICK!" ~earmuffs~ It is SO hillarious! Sat around playing Xbox till about 5am, and crashed. Get woke up by Hunter trying to Rassle me, alright so he was doing highspot from the top of the couch,lol! The wedding's at 6pm, I have to be there by 4pm, and it's already 2:30 !! Rush job... Get on the suit. Yes, yes.. I wore a 3 peice suit(laugh now), it is pure black, and makes me look like a cast member from "Men in Black". See, cause I'm sometimes a man, and it's black. Get it!? Haha, I kill me. Get to the church on time. Start taping the outside pictures stuff. I'm a huge mark for the "family unit", shh, I got a rep to keep! Time seems to fly, Barry the Groom arrives in a limo with all these pretty lights inside. Acid trippers DREAM! Too bad I quit that shit a long time ago. Anywho, so the wedding was beautiful, Sabrina made a great bride, and Barry...well, was nervous as hell! The preacher didn't say the "If there's anyone here who does not wish for this wedding, speak now" gimmick, if he had... You don't know how HARD I'd have had to fight standing up,and saying "I LOVE HIM, and HE's PREGNANT WITH MY BABY!!!" So, I suppose it was good he didn't,lol. The wedding party make way to the limo, but then comes back in for pictures. Is that normal? Eventually, we all head to the reception at the Memphis botanical gardens. It was also a very nice layout. I hadn't eaten since the night before, so I down some things on toothpicks, and some cheeses,and shit. Then, BRING ON THE DOUBLE SHOTS ! Open bar, YAY! My dumbass was mixing different doubles every trip, and chasing with budlight. I'm not much of a drinker anymore (In my oldage,lol) I got smashed pretty fast. I remember bits,and peices, but it's mostly a blurr. I do remember dancing with the Groom's mom(who was HOT), Sabrina's real mom, which was alittle strange, but fun. There's some history between our mom's. I recall the DJ getting me, and the guys from the wedding party decked out in Village People garb, and having us do a rendition of YMCA. I was drunk,and couldn't get the hand gestures right,lol. I remember cutting a promo/ Speech to the newlyweds. I believe I didn't slur to much, but who knows,lol. I also vividly recall trying to nail one of the bridesmaids, and I would've too, if it hadn't been for that pesky boyfriend of hers! Damn him ! Dwindles down, and Mom,I,and Mandi head to Mandi's house. Picking up a caseworth of foo-foo sixers on the way. I remember hitting on some chick during this stop. I get to drinking, and I get even more brave than I already am with the women types. I'll talk to any chick, the worst they can do is turn me down, and I don't fear rejection. Helps me to end up with girls that are usually WAY out of my league! Anywho, get back to Mandi's get even more drunk. Tried to pass out around 1am, but about 10minutes later.. whatever was inside, wanted out.. I made it to the door atleast. Which hear-tell is more than Mom did. Wake up the next morning, shower, clean off my area outside the front door. We decide to get breakfast with the Newlyweds before getting on the road. I hear alot of stories I didn't really recall. Find out that I was "Cutting a rug", and realize THAT'S how I rolled my ankle...damn those dress shoes! I've gotten pretty used to rolling my ankle though, it's about the equilent of a bruise at this point I've done it so much. Do it during a match though, that sucks! We all decide on a trip to Graceland, I hadn't been there since I was a young kid. Then on the road we go.

Other shit: The Gateway Challenge is now just another GCW show, apparently problems between promoters, I don't know. I try to stay away from the politics of the area. I'm an outsider as far as I'm concerned. The thing with Gateway is Ben doesn't want to throw me on shows right off, because I'd be bumping guys that have been with them for like 5 years. I completely understand that. I'm more than willing to earn my spot, it's what I've always done. We'll see what happens, I'm sure it won't be long. Plus I haven't renewed my Mo. License, and prolly won't until I know for sure I'm booked in Mo. Makes sense to me! I will be the "Guest trainer" at MAX school tomorrow night for the first 2 hours, Last wednesday was all mine.. four hours. I don't consider myself a trainer by any means, but the usual wed night trainer asked me to fill in for him, so I did, and will tomorrow. Last week I just ran them through basic drills, but MUCHO repetition. 25 hiptosses, switch. Now 25 armdrags, switch. That kinda shit. I don't know who wined, but Rob(The usual wed night guy)Asked me to run them through situational matches instead, and he'd run them through drills when he got there. DAMN !! Who doesn't love doing things over,and over,and over, and....uh,Nevermind,lol. Then, Thursday one of the students offered me a ticket to Marilyn Manson free of charge for "All the help I've been." The young guys like me, I'm not afraid to take their moves. I remember how much I had to fight for the vets to take anything from me. My rule: Don't kill me, and you'll live! I won't take piledrivers,and shit from them, but most other stuff..let's give it a shot!

Well, this became more longwinded than I thought it would! Everyone take care, and have a wylde night !