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Thursday, Nov. 4th. 2004

 Thursday, November 4, 2004

5:11PM - Alas... I hear Wedding bells from afar!

SO, I've had an extremely hectic last few weeks. In my last update I was: Going to GCW(Fri), Debuting in MAX(Sat), and camping in the Ozarks(Sun-Tues) My first face to face meeting with Gateway Championship Wrestling went well. I was told "The door is open", so we'll see how that goes. I may be working the Gateway Challenge on Nov.19th. Sean Vincent put in a word to work me on the show, so it's possible. Even if I don't work Vincent I may work someone else on the show. The Gateway Challenge is comparable to the Chicagoland "I8 Tournament", Multi-promotional, but with the matches being judged...either by celebrity judges(Names I've seen tossed around: Bob Orton,Harley Race,Nelly, and Ozzie Smith, OR by the audience. This may sound alittle conceited, BUT.. If I were able to SOMEHOW(Bribe someone,lol)get the votes, and actually WIN... I'd really like to take that accolade home to Wicked the following night! I'm still waiting on the word though. My MAX (wrestling)debut went alright. The crowd stay very hot the whole match, but I felt I could have better performed. It was a tag match, tags usually aren't my bag, and we did get to do a "Total Elimination", Eliminators used it in ECW, and nobody uses it anymore. I was shocked I could get up for the spin-wheel kick. Anyway, The Ozarks didn't happen. We all went to my uncle Dennis' house instead for a bonfire party, which are usually the best kind of parties. At my Uncle's house though he's got 8 acres, and a bar in half of the 4 car garage he has behind his house, it's cool over there, we shoot guns, and hang out in the bar, RIDE HIS FOURWHEELER...That said, Among many others my friend Josh came out to join the festivities. It's about 1am or so. We're ALL drunk, and Josh,and I decide to break out the Four-Wheeler(Hey, Dennis said we could, so we did) I'm thrashin around in the gravle, Josh says "Let's hit the road", he hops on, I hop on back, and OFF. We get prolly a mile away, and I see Josh going toward the edge where there's a 10-12 foot straight drop. I start telling him to say on the fuckin road...does he listen, HELL NO! Off the fuckin edge we go at about 30mph!!! We go airborne, as I said it was a STRAIGHT DROPOFF, Airborne, hit a tree head on, LUCKILY the impact kicked it to the left, and we both flew a good 10-15 off, Josh started apologizing like crazy, it wasn't my four-wheeler, don't apologize to me. The thing was still running, and we didn't see any noticable damage, SHOCKINGLY! I hop on, and we both work together getting in unstuck from a few logs laying on the ground it got hung up on. I drive it (almost sideways)diagonally up the hill. Get in on the road, hit the brake,and it starts shaking! I KNOW something's broke. It also sounded funny. Get it back over to the house, and my cousin Paul takes Josh to go see where it happened,and to testdrive it. They get back, and Paul starts playing it off like it isn't broken, or THAT bad. Then the whole damn front of it FELL OFF! Everybody being drunk couldn't help bursting out in laughter. Paul over,and over again assuring Josh it's alright,and it's probably very minor. Dennis comes out about 3 after being passed out for awhile, and Josh tells him about it. Dennis didn't seem too pissed, which shocked me, he's got a short fuse,and GUNS..Former Army drill instructor. Josh lucked out. Come to find out, our drunken incident cost Dennis $500 for his insurance deductable, so they could cut him a check for the $4200 worth of damage... $4200 !! Good god! I feel partially responsible being the fact it was my friend who did it, but he's planning on paying Dennis the $500, so all is well I suppose. On to current events. Got a chance to see some live stand-up at the Funny Bone comedy club in STL, and it was so-so, one guy was pretty funny, but the rest seemed like they couldn't remember their own jokes. This is why you practice that shit! I could have done better, and I don't claim to be a comedian. I do know ALOT is in the delivery, someone should tell them that. Worked my second MAX show recently also. This one went ALOT better than the first, I was 3rd on the card in a one on one. Only drew about 50 or so, but we were running against the world series. The crowd hadn't made so much as a peep the first two matches. Remember this is my debut in this particular town which is roughly an hour from Jerseyville. These fans had never seen me before. So, Right before I walked out, the backstage "Manager" Doc, said "Man, they aren't poppin for shit." I say "What, you want them too ?" Doc says "Well, hell yeah, but I doubt they'll do anything." I say "Well, tell you what... I'll get them sumbitches STANDING, just for you." Doc "Show me brother, don't tell me." SO... I DID! Split that curtain, hit every hand in the crowd,did my deal, and within the first thirty seconds, before the bell even rang had the crowd standing, chanting "Let's get Wylde!" Anyone doubt this... I'll send you the tape!(Postage your's on this offer though, that shit could get expensive if everybody wanted proof,lol) Worked with this local guy "The Extremist"(<--Flyer)everything went right, this match will be in my top 5 atleast may make top 3!ALOT of people say our match was the match of the night, which I do appreciate very much. I went to cut the promo I was supposed to cut before the match, I forgot too at that point, but it was supposed to be a basic introduction,but I couldn't even finish my sentences...without getting cut off by cheers, it was a GREAT feeling. I've been kind of a mainstay at MAX's school when I'm not working, which I take alot of runs around St. Louis during the day, freeing up alot of nights, Gotta do the littler runs until I get my Axles fixed. No Texas, or Florida hauls for me... Though I do hate the cold,and wish I could go spend a few days in Florida. This past Monday was my kid sister's 12th birthday(that's right she was almost a halloween baby). I took her, and some friends to her Favorite band "Simple Plan" @ Mississippi Nights in downtown St. Louis. The show had 3 other bands. I'm not a real fan of punk music, but liked one band called "Plain White Tees" from Chicago. Much like myself with wrestling, they weren't that great, but, had good energy,and WORKED THE CROWD! When Simple plan hit the stage I decided to hangout in the adult section, while Simple plan did the babysitting for me. All the kids had a really good time, so now I'm the "good brother" atleast for a week or so,lol.

Now, Nice heading huh !? NO, it's not MY wedding bells that are ringing. My younger (step)sister is getting hitched this saturday to her longtime boyfriend Barry. They've done everything what I would consider "The right way", they we're together for like 3 years before moving in together, and have been living together for about 2 years now. You never TRUELY know someone until you live with them. Barry is a fulltime Firfighter in Memphis, Sabrina works in a law office fulltime, at fed-ex in Memphis part-time, aswell as carrying a full load of college coarses,and bellydancing in her free time. They don't have kids, or want them in the foreseeable future, they want to experience, and enjoy life first. Which is my exact mindset towards kids. I'm very proud of both of them, and wish them nothing but THE BEST! Barry can DRINK!The reception should be FUN! We leave at 6am tomorrow. The rehearsal dinner is tomorrow night.

Well, I'll leave off with a calender of events.

November 6th: Sabrina's Wedding (Memphis,Tn.)

Novemeber 11th: Marilyn Manson @ the Pagent

Novemeber 12th: Gateway Championship's next show (Attending on another invite, but haven't gotten my Mo license renewed yet)

November 19th: Gateway Challenge (If on the show, I'll be Licensed again by then)

November 20th: Wicked Wrestling Alliance (Lasalle,Il.)

November 27th: Mid American Xtreme (Cahokia, Il.)

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