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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

6:54PM - Wylde's World

And GO..

I haven't been working as much the last two weeks. I found out my two front axles are pretty much shot, so that makes where I can drive pretty limited. My cousin was supposed to fix it, but ended up having to go out of town. He got some property in the Ozarks, and wanted to clean it up, and all that good shit. My other cousin says he can do it cheaper. We'll see what happens. UNTIL THEN...I just gotta do what I can do, and hope my front axles can hold up. With that said.. I'll be going to Champaign,IL. tomorrow morning for court, then to Danville,IL. in the afternoon to finish off any moving shit. Should be doing lunch with my friend Michelle. She's the coolest girl, has two kids, and two ex's though... I dig the hell out of her, but she's my poster child for what NOT to do. I'd like to think it helps me not make the same mistakes.

SOooo, The Saliva/Earshot/Shinedown concert was cool. I don't really like venues with chairs as I'm pretty animated at concerts, and the damn things are always getting in the way! It was alright though, I went with my longtime friend Scott. The tickets we were able to get were in the rafters, so we went to the very front, and sat down, Fuck it! We had front row, center, for Earshot. The real ticket holders came up looking like they were..well, the real ticket holders for our spot. So, making very little commotion we hopped to the second row for most of Shinedown, which also was overtaken by the real second row ticket holders. We spot two spots on th 4th row to finish out the show. Didn't turn out too bad considering the tickets we had,and the place we COULD have been sitting. Beer was only $2 too !!

Went this past Saturday to Metallica & Godsmack !! Talk about a BADASS SHOW ! I went with my cousin Paul. It was Paul's very first concert. He's lived a fairly sheltered,and disciplined life. I drove us to the Metrolink, it was my first time taking the STL Metrolink, $3 for a roundtrip to the Savvis center, and back, right on. Get to the venue, hang out by the K-She 95 tent (the premier classic rock station in STL), get tickets..Maybe I shouldn't have hung out with the K-She crew, because they "sold out" of floor tix, supposedly right before I got to the booth. We get the next available tickets. I assumed we would get nosebleeds, but we ended up like six rows back from the main floor area, although they had a floor area on each side, and what's this I see...That's right PLENTY of room on the floor..Sold out my ass! The Savvis is where the Blues play, it's a pretty big place! Paul seemed alittle overwhelmed, lol. Godsmack hit the stage at 7:30 sharp, played the first song(Don't ask me playlists), and when the stage EXPLODED on the last cord, it set the tone for the rest of the night. Godsmack give an explosive performance, DEFINATELY worth seeing. My favorite part of them was when the lead singer Sully Erna, and the drummer Robbie Merrill got on two opposing raised drum kits on each side of the stage, THAT ROTATED, and had a drum duel! Rotating towards each other, towards the crowd, tossin the stick like two stories up,and catching them to catch the beat IN UNISON! It was something to be seen! GREAT TIMING!! Godsmack was awesome, and if no one knew Metallica was on the bill, I bet everyone could have went home pretty content without any other bands, but Then... METALLICA!! I'll say this: Most call Metallica sell-outs, and say they've went soft. OK, The Black Album was the last Album that was Metallica in it's purest essence. We all bitch that "They went mainstream." Without even realizing that we're the one's that made them Mainstream. Fact is, I'm a huge fan of the music from Black Album back, and am a fan of the band. I say if you were a metallica fan, and you aren't anymore, or if not a fan atleast respect what they've done, then you are a Turncoat. Metallica rocked the fucking house for almost 3hrs!! The place was ELECTRIC! I looked back,and saw this sea of people just possessed with the energy, and I realized my goal in pro-wrestling. I WANT THAT! The only thing that really pissed me off were the beer's were $10 for a 32oz. plastic cup, FUCKING OUTRAGEOUS!I was in shock. Paul was in shock from seeing the 3 girls next to him flash their love bags. He can't wait for the next one! I'm such a bad influence on young impressionable minds! Ah well!

Plans for this coming weekend:

On Friday: I've been invited by GCW's promoter to Gateway Championship's Friday night re-debut. I've been talking with them off,and on since I quit Powerhouse, and now I live close enough that it looks like something may be coming of it in the near future.

On Saturday:I'm doing my in-ring debut for Mid American Xtreme(MAX) the following night. I only did a run-in, and promo at the last Jerseyville show,and the fans seemed very receptive,and Welcoming. I'm hoping they are all just as hot this Saturday. I've been attending the MAX school quite regularly(Only missed a few days in over 3 weeks) I like to go up there, because it gives me a chance to polish, and work on new stuff. Keeps the rust off too, but not without a fair share of pain,lol. I also like helping out the younger guys,most of who, I've really grown to like. It's a nice enviroment..reminds me of Wicked's Locker Room alittle.

On Sunday: I had planned to go to Dave Chapelle Oct 3rd, but instead decided to go camping in the Ozarks. My uncle will have his ATV out there, aswell as his boat!! For those of you who don't know, I love all things water, water parks, swimming, and in this case, skiing,and TUBING. I haven't been Tubing in afew years atleast.

These are the plans, I don't see them changing much. You reading this have a great weekend!! I think I'm off to the MAX center now. You kids have fun!

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