So, an open casting call was scheduled for 5-7 thursday in Urbana,IL. My whole day was going well until I called my friend/soon to be brother-in law/ Sister's babies daddy(lol)James. I knew my sister was off work, and asked if James wanted to ride along. He said "No problem, c'mon over whenever." I hung up, and started brushing my teeth. Not even finished with my adventure to the wonderful world of oral hygiene, and the phone is already ringing. Within five minutes "the world's most dysfunctional couple" went from "No problem, c'mon over whenever." to a Yellin, screaming, dysfunctional situation. People trip on the small shit way too easy. The only thing I could make out through the fuss was "Come get his ass." In the car I go, I arrive, and they are acting like nothing happened. Happy, smiling, huggy, kissy.... I just DON'T FUCKING GET RELATIONSHIP'S !! James gets in, and back to the house we go. I get changed, and we're running late. Get on the road, and to Urbana by 5:15. The Survivor thing was going down in what seemed to be a dead mall. We park in a parking complex that was virtually empty, but had a rent-a-cop. Walk into the place which even at tha point seemed dead. I thought "This'll be quick". We turn a corner to encounter roughly 400-500 people. SHIT !! I get my paperwork,and number. I was only 15 min late, but my number was almost 300 away,SHIT !! We do the people watching thing for nearly an hour. ALOT of Gorgeous women, quite a few wack jobs, a platoon of camo-clad individuals, and some pretty hot girls from the news team covering it all. We decide to explore. We find a kickass wiccan/indian store. The clerk was cute..No boobs, but nice belly. We continue, and find a Billiards shop(SUPERNICE TABLES). Looking for the bathroom, we walk through a sports bar, and into one of the most plush hotels I have ever been in(that says something) Unbelievably nice, and attached to a run down mall. Strange. It's a quarter to 7, and I had hoped the entire thing would be finished by 7. My number was still almost 200 away. SHIT !! Get kicked off the balcony over looking everyone by a rent-a-cop. Felt 16 again,lol. Ventured into a toy store. Cool place, they had alot of handmade,and wooden toys. I played with a train set, hand carved, with little magnets to link the cars, the whole track was wooden, REALLY COOL. We're walking out, and James spots dice, as I spot yet another cute little clerk. We get five dice, and I use them as the ice breaker. We stood there playing dice for over an hour(No customers other than people browsing)Her name was Denise (a 20 year old attending Parkland college to become a highschool english teacher/Cute, tight belly, nice hair, a few piercing's, she was even funny, Just my type.) The stores start closing at 8pm. So, she needs to clear out the store. I cut a promo, and get her number. We head toward the pizza joint, and see our friend(can't recal her name) from the wiccan store, she tags along. The pizza place is closing, so we sit down, and start to play dice. We decide they are just going to throw out any unbought pizza. I'm voted to go chat with the pizza guy. An elvis haired, dark sunglasses wearing dude, that was clean off his rocker. I made out some of what he said to be "But MAN, If I give you free pizza that's hot..it'll take me out of my Jerry Garcia zone, and I NEED to stay in my Jerry Garcia ZONE, MAN!" So, I get free cold pizza from the weirdass clerk. My number is still almost 100 away...SHIT !! I see my partyfriend Misty, she's fucking cool(HOT!!, Should be in movies, the first time I met her, I spotted her teeth from across the dance floor, she dances like she's at a photo shoot/ Striking a pose,and shit.) So, we all hang with her until her number gets called(before mine) SHIT!! We play more dice,and around 9:15ish MY number gets called. I had been kind of seeing other's do their stuff. Some played instruments, some sang, one guy pulled up his shirt to show his belly,and screamed "Pick me" for the 3 minutes we had alotted to us. I get up there, and the clock starts ticking. I glare at the camera for a good 20-30 seconds, with the news girl giving me the "Say something signal" I broke out into a 2.5 min Promo on why they should pick me. Finish, and the 5 or so people that were in the room/empty store..start clapping(Hopefully a good sign, because I didn't see them applaud anyone else) One guy said "You should be in the wwf"(Instant ego inflation ensues,lol) They said I should be getting a call...We'll see. Throughout the night I found out I could only go to one casting call, or I'd be disqualified. I'd prolly have an extremely hard time topping the promo anyway. I wish I had a camera with me. So, I didn't need to go to the Friday one in Danville. Which worked out because friday night I ended up getting booked on a run(Night Move) A "Striker"/LAV(Light Armor Vehicle) going from the Indiana line to Iowa. This was cool, because my brother "the Sarge" is in charge of his own LAV that he used to help drop Saddam's punk ass. My Mom decided to ride with me. Fun,and no fun all at the same time. With a stop at Perkins, after a 30min wait, and poor service. The trip took roughly 9 hours, and we get home around 3am. Week started slowly, and ended up being very busy. Well, take care till next time...... STAY WYLDE !!!