"The Innovator of ImpaKt !!"

Indy Pro Central Interview

What year did you start wrestling? 1999

Where did you train at?,and How did you get into wrestling?
I had some friends that began training a couple months earlier, Tweek Phoenix, and Damian Demonic. They lived about 10 minutes from my house, and found this school ran by Tim Lyle in Spring Valley, Il. It was affordable. They didn't get very good exposure, but it was a place to train. Tim's cousin Brian Dean (Lyle) was the trainer. Training was tough, that ring was super stiff, and the ropes were super loose. Out of our group, Tweek, Damian,and Myself were the only three to make it all the way thru. We never had it easy, but I believe it made us better workers. Brian was a damn good worker/trainer, and I owe a lot to him. Thanks Brian!

Any major influences? My Mother first,and foremost. She's always been so strong, and I feed from that strength. Influences as far as wrestling, The Rock, HBK. Also guys like Y2J, Benoit, Malenko....Guys that proved you didn't have to be a 6'10 monster to be in this business.

Have you held any titles?
I held the PCW Valley Lightheavyweight championship. A title I won from then champion "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs.

What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment so far?
That no ones ever been seriously injured by me, or in one of my matches. Everybodies got families to feed, and bills to pay.

Do you have any favorite matches/opponents? My favorite match to date would have to be in Wicked Wrestling Aliance(WWA), out of Lasalle, Il. It was a "Hell on Earth" Gimmick match. 2/3, falls count anywhere, no dq, only pinfalls count, TLC. It was the main event, I went over, and it was a good match. It was against Syn, and has to be my favorite. Though I also love working guys like Brandon Bishop, Julian the Warlock, and many others. So, it'd be hard to point out just one.

What are your thoughts on NWA-TNA ?
I like it. I've got a few friends down there, and other friends doing tryouts,and things. It's a company that gets national coverage, be it PPV, or not. It's still a national medium. I'm glad they are giving these lesser known guys a chance. Shows a beakon of hope in such a distilled period of our business. I hope they get a TV deal soon, and can be a viable alternative to the product that now plagues our television sets. Time shall tell.

Do you think they are a viable alternative to WWE?
They are definately AN ALTERNATIVE. A viable one ? Not yet. They simply do not have Vinny Mac's funds. You need money to make money,and you must make money to be successful.

What do you think of the current WWE product?
I think with the talent pool they have, and the talent they could obtain they should have no problem making good TV. Though, Imagine if you have one GREAT football team, with GREAT players, and they try to promote a game with this one team. Who would want to come watch a football game with only one team ? No one. It's like right now is a huge elongated practice. It is simply not going to sell without competition.

Word Association: (What Are Your Thoughts On...... Just A Few Words)

Vince McMahon: The Genius, the moron.

Eric Bischoff:
A decent personality. A good mind for the business.

A superior "Wrestling" Show. Better workrate.

A soap opera with athletes as the actors.

Do you believe that with the fans demanding more from wrestlers, that they (wrestlers) put themselves in danger when trying to get "over"? Explain. Most definately. I know years ago guys like Jerry Lawler, and JYD could work over 5,000 people for atleast 10 minutes doing nothing, but a punch spot. It was amazing, how little they had to do to hold that crowds attention. Then, something happened. Be it The need to better the next guy, or out do ourselves(In the wrestling business). Maybe it was plain, unadulterated blood lust, or perhaps short attention spans(On the part of the fans). Something. Something changed the face of wrestling. We are expected to take much bigger risks than in past years. Which may be able to explain the rather short career of most of the stars of today, compared to the rather long career of the hero's of yesturyear.

At the end of your career, what would you say you've accomplished or would like to accomplish before then?
I would love to be able to say that "I made a living doing my part to make this business the best it could be." That's an accolade to reach for.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into wrestling?
Make sure you have a fallback !! 99% will need one. Get an education. If you want it, don't be afraid to reach out,and take it.

Any wrestling stories that you can share?
Actually, I do happen to have a doozy. There I was putting up the ring for powerhouse before a show. It was Nov. 23 last year in Streator,Il. Headliners such as Iron Sheik, Roadwarrior Hawk, and Jerry Saggs were on the show. It felt kinda big dealy. A fan that asked my then promoter, Tim Lyle, to assist, was helping out. I went over to grab the heavy middle bar of the ring. This kid comes over, now I say kid, but that's only because he was like 15, but the"Kid" was somewhere around 6'3", 250. I warned him it was a heavy Sumbitch, and NOT to drop it, because it would hurt the tarpcovered floor of the highschool basketball court. As soon as we get the bar chest level, HE DROPPED IT ! Which, in turn, jarred the bar out of my hands. This bar probably weighed between 150-200lbs. It hit my foot, and I immediately knew something was wrong. I hobbled over to the bleechers, and took off my shoe, my sock was covered in blood already, and I took it off. Took one look at my toe, and started yelling for tape. A nurse came over, and washed it off, then taped it. I was either to stubborn, or too stupid to go directly to the hospital. So, I took some Vicodin, or Codine 3's(gotta love the gimmicks), I taped my toe really tight, and I worked Bill E. Valentine for about 10 minutes with my big toe, on the right foot, CUT IN HALF. The incident happened at 3:30, I finished my match, and went straight to the hospital at around 9:30. 6 hours later. Finding out after x-rays, my toe was shattered the whole time. Two weeks later I was back in the ring. Mick Foley has his ear, I have my toe.

Do you have any upcoming appearances/plugs?
Jan. 17th. for Wicked in Lasalle, Il. Featuring Jerry Lynn. Find more info at: www.wickedwrestling.com Also Jan. I beleive 31st. for NEW in Shelbyville, In. More info @ www.newerawrestling.tk

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