"The Innovator of ImpaKt !!"

Wicked Interview

WWA Interview


First question were you a wrestling fan growing up?


Wyldechylde: You better believe it. My first memories revolve around it. Since at least 5yrs. old. I've been captivated! It's an addiction!!


Who were some of your favorites growing up?


WC: I don't even need to say Hogan. He was everyone's favorite. I always dug the controversial, and over the top characters. The 4 Horsemen (Original version) Not that watered down sh!t that came later. Then, there was Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Macho Man, Shawn Michaels I could go on and on.


Did you play any sports growing up?


WC: No. I have this problem with authority. I don't take orders well...from anyone. Ever. I stayed pretty much to my clique in school. I did fight... ALOT !! It seemed like I was always in trouble. I guess fighting was my sport. Had it been a little more organized I might have gone to state*laughing*. Wrestling in some odd way, saved me from going down a bad path. It was my outlet, I was always either giving or taking an ass whoppin on a normal basis. I didn't feel compelled to fight as much. Either that, or I was just too sore.


That kind of leads into the next question. -What was your childhood like growing up?


WC: My Mother raised me by herself from before I was two. I couldn't thank her enough for everything she's done for me, and the sacrifices she's made. We moved a lot. All around St. Louis. When I was 9. She got remarried to a really good guy. He had three children already, and all of the sudden it was 0 to Family in 2.2 seconds. They had my kid sister together, and Adopted my longtime friend, and brother. My parents had more than a handful. Looking back.. I wouldn't have had it any other way.


Did you ever think to yourself you would  be part of the wrestling business or did you always think you would be just a fan?


WC: I knew from the very first time I ever saw wrestling that it was the ONLY thing I'd ever want to do. Something inside just clicked. I can't explain it. I just knew.


How did you discover Indy Wrestling?


WC: My uncle turned me onto this new wrestling movement sweeping the nation. That movement was ECW, and as we all know ECW was an Indy. I began following them, and got tapped into the underground that is Independent Professional Wrestling.


Were your parents supportive of your decision to be a Pro Wrestler?


WC: Very!! The only true constant throughout my life was that this was what I wanted. I make sure learn every inch of the spectrum as much as I can, because I know eventually the body breaks down, and I hope to be involved in some way, shape, or form. Until the day I die. That's my goal. They knew that, and have supported me all the way.


That was nice of them. Not many parents support a decision like that. You are fortunate. Where and when did you learn to wrestle and who taught you?


WC: It was 1999'. I had some friends that began training a couple months earlier, Tweek Phoenix, and Damian Demonic. They lived about 10 minutes from my house, and found this school ran by Tim Lyle in Spring Valley, Il. It was affordable. They didn't get very good exposure, but it was a place to train. Tim's cousin Brian Dean (Lyle) was the trainer. Training was tough, that ring was super stiff, and the ropes were super loose. Out of our group, Tweek, Damian,and Myself were the only three to make it all the way thru. We never had it easy, but I believe it made us better workers. Brian was a damn good worker/trainer, and I owe a lot to him. Thanks Brian!


Well my next question was partly answered. - What was the training like? And was it what you expected?


WC: There is no way to really prepare yourself for something like this. Wrestling is a whole new world. I began my training in the winter. It was FREEZING in that building. We'd have to take breaks to just stand around the heater. Our sweat would start to freeze if not. I had been "studying" since 5, so I picked things up quite quickly. Having Tweek, and Damian helped out a lot, I would do everything I could to keep up with those guys. They're both very good, and I'm happy for them to see the successes they have. It sucked, but in a good way. I got beer to drink. Next question!!


How did all of the wrestlers in the back treat you? lol. Calm down...you agreed to it


WC: Some of the guys were standoffish. I was the Green boy, and hadn't proven myself. Once they all started to realize that I wasn't going away, they started to pull me in. If I ever had any questions I could just ask one of the boys, and they'd help out if they could. I had a few in ring altercations with the 350lbs. Beast. The fault was my own, but we almost went rounds once outside after a match turned into a "Shoot". We're cool now. Other than that, I never had any problems with any of the boys.


Who was your first opponent?


WC: It was a Handicapped hardcore match. Jon Arn (Crash Test Dummy), and myself vs. 500lbs. Bane. The match lasted maybe two minutes, and was HORRIBLE!! I would have preferred a one on one with Tweek, or Damian. Neither of which I've had the opportunity to work with on an actual show. So yeah, my first match sucked. HARD!


Were you nervous about going out in front of a crowd?


WC: Not really. I've always thrived on crowds. I was more nervous wrestling a 500lbs. hardcore madman, but he took care of me. At least I survived. *Laughing*


How did the match go and how did the crowd react to you?


WC: Like I said. It sucked. It was an abortion! The crowd really never had time to react. My parents, and a few family members came, which made around 1/3 of the crowd, but I worked as a heel. It was a squash. I'd would have rather not had my family there. I would have liked to make a better first impression on them as it came to wrestling.


Who were some of your opponents up till now?


WC: Jimmy Jacobs, Bill E. Valentine, Julian the Warlock, Willie Da Bomb, this list could go on for at least a few pages. Recently, did a little work with Dlo Brown, not a full on match, but ran some spots with him on a show in Indiana. He had nothing bad to say about me. I am very proud to say *knock on wood* that I, nor anyone I've worked have ever suffered a serious injury in any of my matches.


What were some of your favorite matches?


WC: My stuff with Jimmy Jacobs, and Valentine. I had a feud with Julian that I really enjoyed. That guy can take/give an ass whoppin with the best of em. I liked the 6 shows @ the Rosemont Horizon in 2002 for the Wizard World Comic convention, I got a great reaction for three days straight. That weekend was some of my fondest memories of my time @ Powerhouse.


Did you want to be a heel or a face?


WC: I really wanted to be a Rock/Stone Cold type persona. I had thought I'd be a better face. I guess I wanted to be the favorite. It turns out I was much more natural as a heel. In Wicked, I'm just me TURNED UP, and with cool catchphrases. Just being me seems to have gotten the fans behind me. So, to pick just one would be impossible.


People say that Illinois are not the best of fans. What do you think of the Illinois fans compared to other states?


WC: I hate Chicago fans. They're smarks. A wrestler could hit a triple spinning mega bomb off a ladder, and the smarks turn to their friends as they are golf clapping, and say "Great highspot, that was a nice bump." Away from Chicago, rather in Illinois, or Indiana. Fans go nuts for a well-placed punch to the mouth. Which works great for me. I like to punch people in the mouth.


Describe Wyldechylde the person and Wyldechylde the wrestler.


WC: Not much of a difference. Wyldechylde the wrestler is a little more jacked up. I kind of live the gimmick. My friends know what I do. Most of them call me Wyldechylde. With a name like that you better have a certain reputation.


What are your goals in wrestling?


WC: To be able to pay my bills through my involvment in the business, whatever involvment that may be. Once my in ring days are finished, I'd really like to write storylines for a living. I would love to be able to retire from this business. That's a hard dream to achieve, but I believe in myself.


What has been the highlight of your wrestling career so far?


WC: That no ones ever been seriously injured by me, or in one of my matches. Everybodies got families to feed, and bills to pay.


What is the one thing you would most like to improve on?


WC: My build. I want Rob Van Dam's build. Not too big, not too small, but toned up. That's really been my biggest battle.


Back to the fans - What is the worst crowd you ever worked in front of?


WC: I worked a show for Powerhouse in front of like 7 people. That had to really suck for the Michigan boys who came in.


Favorite Crowd to work in front of?


WC: Toss up. Wicked's crowd is awesome ! They bust their asses, the boys, and myself appreciate that very much. New Era Wrestling's fanbase in Indiana are just as passionate. I'm a heel down there, and I'm face here. It's really right down the middle !


What is the one thing that surprised you about the wrestling business?


WC: There are so many things that surprise you about this business. There's no way to pick just one. This business is a roller coaster. Your surprised at the ups,and the downs, the goods, and bads.


What are some places you would like to work that you haven't?


WC: NWA-TNA, Japan, I'd be lying if I didn't say WWF(I won't say that other name)


What do you mark out for?


WC: a triple spinning mega bomb off a ladder..... No, um... Good heeling, I love to Watch old Flair, and Lawler doing heel. Classic stuff. Shining Wizards, good suplexes. I love to see a well done "code red" it's a variation of a powerbomb, where the guy giving it jumps on his opponents back, underhooks their arms with his legs, extends, and tucks, Turning it into a nice powerbomb. A good punch.


What is the best thing about this business and the worst thing?


WC: The best would have to be that if your in the business, your like family. Wrestling could be a great alternative to a gang. Same feel, no guns. The worst thing would be when there are family feuds/"heat". Some people just can't agree. We're all human, and there'll be enemies. I hate guys with egos.


What is the best rib you have ever seen pulled?


WC: Brandon Blaze had his girlfriend at a Powerhouse show, and arranged it where she would be hitting on Tweek, and Damian all day. So, after the show, Brandon has her do it to them in front of him. He gets "PO'D" Starts throwing stuff around, Kicking stuff, screaming, yelling, how they're(T&D) hitting on her. How much he loves her. T & D didn't know what to think. Everyone was paying attention to this scene, and Brandon told them it was a rib. That has got to be the best. Notable mention to "The Talon Rib" though. Inside joke, but good stuff.


If you could wrestle anyone alive or dead who would you pick?


WC: That's a hard one !! Damn Hard. Angle, Bret Hart, Foley, hbk, Flair, rvd, Lawler, this is another list that could go on for pages. Stacy Keibler !!


This month at WWA's Prophecy you have a match against Syn in a first ever Hell On Earth Match. A TLC, best 2 out of 3, pin falls anywhere, only pin falls count.  What are your thoughts on it?


WC: It's the first EVER "Hell on Earth" match. No ones ever done it before. That in itself makes it a big deal. There's a lot of pressure on this one. I believe the name says it all, it will truly be "Hell on Earth" !! I read a great proverb that really tells it all on my emotions heading into this match " Life is not about how many breaths we take, It is about how many Breathtaking moments we live." It's going to be something to see !!


Time for the Name Game I name a person, you tell me your thoughts on them..


Tim Lyle


WC: A necessarily burned bridge.


Brian Lyle


WC: Good guy, I miss that bald bastard.


Terry Hopper


WC: Best referee in the Midwest !


CM Punk


WC: A success story in the making. A rising star.


Curt Razo


WC: Great sense of humor. Seems like just a good dude.


Jay Repsel


WC: An acquaintance. Has helped me a few times on some things. I got nothing bad to say about the guy really.


Jim Kleckner


WC: A friend. Jimmy has a great mind for the business, and is an all around good guy.




WC: This guy is a joke. With his mist, and those funny looking contacts. I kept trying to punch him in the eyes to knock his contacts out. He is tough though, so I won't look past him just yet.


Eric Freedom


WC: Eric was one guy in Powerhouse who really took me under his wing. Eric taught me quite alot, and opened my eyes to things I wouldn't have seen otherwise. Eric is a good man, and I wish him all the luck in everything he attempts.


Rich Conner


WC: I've always gotten along with Rich. He did a tryout for Powerhouse once, and I was the guy bumping him. We've just been cool since.


Brandon Bishop


WC: Brandon is the utmost professional. He's done remarkable with all of his students. Just being around him is a lesson in professional etiquette. Nicest guy.


Ready for the last person?


WC: Shoot


Nick Logan


WC: Someone who truly wants Wicked to succeed. An open mind for anything that will better the product. Seems like a genuine person.


And that raps up the interview. Thank you for your time. Is there any thing else you would like to add? A plug maybe?


WC: No problem!!  Everyone should check out www.wyldechylde.com Post on the message board, purchase merchandise, just check it out !! You'll dig it. WWA's Prophecy "Hell on Earth"... Blood will be shed, Weapons will fly, Bodies will be broken, and prophecies fulfilled!! It's going to take your breath away.


Thanks a lot.

WC: Thank you, and Take care.