"The Innovator of ImpaKt !!"

**Previous Commentaries**


 My life; The SAGA !

Well, well, well…where to begin !? I have, for the most part, been a complete Non-Entity to the online world. I’ve gotten online, maybe five times in the last three weeks, and each time was for maybe a half hour. To those I haven’t had the chance to touch base with, my apologies. I’m attempting to catch up on replying to many of your e-mails. So, where have I been ?

As many of you know, my girlfriend Chrissi lives in New Lenox, IL. Which is roughly 4 hours from me. So, we don’t see each other as often as either of us would like. Fortunately, with her schooling…She gets 3-4 weeks off between semester’s. She’s attending school for massage therapy. Chrissi was able to spend the last three weeks with me, thus explaining my online absence. I obviously had better things to do with my hands than type on a keyboard. Love you baby !

What’s been up!?

Here goes…


At the end of 2004, my car had a blown heater core. It was taken to the same guy six time, in six weeks. Stupid I know, but I wanted to give the guy the opportunity to make good on the work he was paid for. Enough was enough, and I took it to my cousin who fixed the heater core quite quickly. Then, I needed a tune-up. So, I decide to give it the tune-up myself…BAD IDEA, I broke a sparkplug off inside my engine block. That took a tow out to my uncle’s house, an hour away mind you, to get my engine honed out, and re-threaded. Everything was fine, and almost road-worthy once again.  I just needed new tires, and an oil change. The FIRST day Chrissi is here we’re going out to my uncle’s for a father’s day BBQ, and my radiator blows. Fucking great! Family to the rescue, they sent out three cars. My grandfather to pick up Chrissi, my uncle to tow my car, and my step-dad to follow behind with his escorting lights. I love my family, they fucking RAWK! Get my radiator fixed in a day, and all was good…Or was it !? We’re on my way out to my uncle’s again, and plan to get new tires all the way around. We stop, get the tires put on, stop by my grandfather’s, and my friend Josh’ house. Come out of Josh’, and one of my tires are flat. FUCKING GREAT! We got a replacement, but FUCK. NOW, I still need the oil change, my car still overheats, my brake’s are going bad. It’s still not road-ready. I haven’t worked all year. My car was my job. I was doing alright, but am finding myself in a bad spot now. Not to mention, a couple old tickets have caught up to me, and my driver’s license is suspended. So, now I have to find work, real work, not road trips that I get paid for, honest work. Which sucks, but that’s the bricks! In my business you need money to make money, and I have no money anymore. The only things I really have right now are a roof over my head, food in my stomach, and Chrissi. Thank god for the things I do have! I’m lucky in that respect.  Though, I’m used to having money, being able to travel, go to concerts, out to movies, buy things. I need to get back on my feet again, and live like I’ve grown accustomed to living.

Wrestling World:

Did a Wicked show the night I picked up Chrissi. Special thanks go to Kurt Rigsby for bringing Chrissi to the show, and saving me 3 hours more of driving. That night was Chrissi’s first night as my valet. We were in a 3-way dance for the heavyweight title in the main event. I came out before the match, and introduced Chrissi. Got down on one knee as everyone was suspecting I would propose. I asked Chrissi to be my…Valet, and we dubbed her “Wyldefyre”! Worked the match, and soon after I hit a coast to coast dropkick into a trashcan which was sitting in my opponents face’. I had the title won, but then heard Wyldefyre scream. My attention turned to her, and I see “Mercenary” Brandon Graves w/ Bex, his valet, jawing with her. I went out to make the save. Got Wyldefyre out of harm’s way, grabbed a chair, and turned just to have Graves smash a trashcan into the chair I was holding, knocking me out, and allowing Wyldefyre to get “Kidnapped”! I went after them, and the match ended without me involved. July 2nd was the last MAX show. It would be a double duty night for us. I came out introduced Chrissi/Wyldefyre who got a great reaction. I then went on to challenge Shane Marx for the MAX US Challenge championship. That ended in a screw job too, as I had my back turned to the entry way Kevin Kaos ran down, and super-kicked me in the jaw while the ref was distracted, then I was quick counted. WHAT A JIP ! That was curtain jerk. I love working opener, it’s the match that set’s the tone for the entire show. Working the main event is fun, but as I’m getting dressed, everyone else is leaving. I worked it out so Syn & Natasha from Wicked could work on the show.  We were scheduled to be on seventh, which right before the show changed to forth. Giving me a two match buffer between my matches. Went out, and worked with Syn…We’ve worked quite a few times, and know each other pretty well. I felt as if it flowed nicely. We kept the crowd the entire match, and it was good stuff. Towards the end, I speared the ref, as I was checking on him Natasha slid in, and low-blowed me. Upon seeing this, Wyldefyre jumped in the ring, and lunged herself onto Natasha’s back to try to protect me. Natasha spun her in front of her, and bear-hugged flinging her side to side like a rabbit in a rabid dogs mouth. I grabbed Natasha by the hair, she dropped Wyldefyre, I spun Natasha around, kicked her in the gut, and attempted a pile driver. I just couldn’t do it though, the stench was just too horrendous, so I put her back down, and checked on Wyldefyre. She made it to her feet as we caught Syn, and Natasha coming at us with clotheslines, we ducked, kicked them in the gut, and hit stereo DDT’s. Wyldefyre got me chairs, and I did a coast to coast dropkick into the chairs placed in the two’s faces. The crowd went nuts! We left to “Wyldechylde” chants, it was a great feeling, and a great show. Even more awesome considering Chrissi was by my side every step of the way, and not watching from the crowd. She really is a natural at the whole valet thing, and I’m not sucking ass because I know she reads this. I really, truly mean that. The girl is a NATURAL ! Everything was on a high note, that is until petty squabbles began between members of the locker room, and the promoter. Everyone blew up, and as a result…MAX is no more, done, closed. They say for every door that closes another one opens. I’m sure that if I had reliable transportation I could wrestle all the places I was working last year. Though I don’t have a reliable vehicle. So, I have some hoops to jump through before I can get my wrestling career, and life in general back on track.

I used to live each day at a time, but to have a future, I have to plan for it, so…Here is what I need to do…Check list:

1)      Get a Job !

2)      Save money.

3)      Get a new Car !

4)      Save money.

5)      Save money.

6)      Get Chrissi down here.

7)      Save money..

 That’s my plan through say, February… THEN, when the weather turns decent again…

8)      Start Escorting again.

9)      Get Wrestling back on track.

 Now, I’ll still be doing Wicked, and a few spot shows here or there, but it will be awhile before I can get back to the level I was at, and I should be professionally.


These are tough times for me. I’m just tremendously glad that I have the love of my family, and Chrissi, to help get me through. I hope everything works as planned. This is my life I’m talking about, my future, and I have to do it right.


“You’ll never have nothing if you’re not willing to work for anything” This is a quote I used to live by, and will continue to from this point forward. Life is short, and we only have one, so we all should make the most of it. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I had to part ways with the love of my life, so mine kinda sucked, but I have faith things will get better. Take care everyone !!

Stay Wylde !!



** Couple of Shows **
My life hasn't been the wirlwind in recent weeks it usually is. Car is STILL giving me problems. It went to one guy 6 times in 6 weeks, and was put in to Dobbs for repair recently which didn't fix the problem. So, That's that. Been a homebody due to lack of any other options. So, I'll give an update of my last couple of wrestling shows.

MAX Troy, IL Feb.12th:

So, having the transport problems that I do. I caught a ride with my boy Chris. Which was cool for the fact that we watched some of Dodgeball on the way. I love anything with Vince Vaughn, and (usually) Ben Stiller aswell ! Get to the place, find out what's expected of me. I'm working Sean Vincent again. We took our fued to every town MAX runs. Our match was set for semi-main event, which means we gotta wait the whole show to wrestle. Finally got to us. We went 20 minutes including our mic work, and for those of you in the "Biz", we "Just worked". Alot of kids now-a-days CAN'T, and WON'T do that. Crowd was into it pretty heavy which I always love to see. MAX has become a real home for me. They treat me with respect,and appreciation, and I do the same in return. The finish saw VIP (top "badguy" group) come down,and assist Vincent in winning the match. They gave me a 5 on 1 beatdown after the match. Got the fans hating them. I challenged any member of VIP for the next show in Troy. Should be hot!

WWA LaSalle, IL Feb. 19th

For this show I got Jeremy Lightfoot, Mephisto, and Cory Pillman booked in Wicked. So, Mephisto rode up with Lightfoot, Mrs. Lightfoot(Jen), and Baby Lightfoot(Austin), because they planned to leave at 4am Friday night/Saturday morning to be able to go to Chicago before the show. To see what?Navy pier? Either way, My ass ain't getting up that early...maybe if I stayed up till then... I decide to ride with Pillman, and Momma Pillman(Angela). So, I crash about 4am wake up about 8:30 shower,get ready. They pick me up around 10:30am, they were running alittle late thanks to Cory;) Get on the rode, it was a pretty good ride, good people, and conversation. 4 hour trip flies by. Get to the venue. Met the lead singer of local Lasalle band "Cheese Pizza" Buk Sundeck. Cool cool guy ! Work with him alittle on how to kick Stark Enterprises(top "badguy" group) ass later that night. He was going to be Syn,and I's Tag partner in the 6-man tag main events (aka: Clusterfucks, USUALLY) All the wrestlers start to arrive. This show was held in a club called "The Lounge", which since the first show over a year ago when we held our afterparty there has been my favorite Lasalle party spot. Just a cool joint ! The ring was on the dance floor touching the stage. Lights were alittle low, but still better then the VFW roof where we ran the previous month. They had alot of radio spots for this show,and a live feed before the show, and yes I was asked to cut a promo,and push the show on the radio. Garrett the owner(Wicked AWESOME guy) keeps wanting to push back the belltime due to the time not being listed on some advertisments. So, to kill time he asked me to work the mic,and let everyone know we're running alittle behind,and will get started soon. He's still pushing back the time, so I got an idea to ask all the good lookin ladies in the audience to compete for the hottest 3 to walk Syn, Buk,and I to the ring. We get 5-6 up there, and ALL of them got a great reaction. Then Chase Richards,and Wes Benton(wrestlers) came out, because "If hot people are being judged, they should be involved" I figured "If they want to be involve, let's involve them" We beat them up for a minute, then let all the ladies one by one spank their asses. The crowd ate it up. We decided each of the girls are winners, and we'd use them all. Show starts everything is going well. Then, following intermission there is the second installment of "Talon's Tirade" (I was also on the first) Talon ends up calling out Chris Stark(Evil-Owner) Stark gets in Sundeck's grill, Sundeck...deck's him. As he's beating on Stark in the corner Stark's Stooges jack us from behind. They end up putting my hand in a steel chair,and crush the chair with a steel trashcan. Sound fun ? I'm now injured walking into the main event. Get my hand wrapped it up,and it's about time to go to work. Gather the ladies who will be accompanying us the "Lounge Ladies", and it's time. Come out, show off the girls. The most attractive of them, let's me sport her pink cowboy hat, and unexpectedly drops on me in a rather interesting position. We'll call it cowgirl, which shockingly enough my great, outstanding, uber-sexy, super intelligent, wickedly awesome, girlfriend Chrissi(Je T'adore) didn't seem to mind. Whodathunkit,lol. So, we go alittle over 30min, and keep the crowd hot for every second. Okay, so they were drunk by now anyway. Afterwards we hit a Total Elimination(Legsweep/Spinkick combo) on Cash who was holding a steel chair. Graves then attacked me from behind, I reversed,and hit my finisher. I just had this VIBE in me, so I needed to really put an exclamation point on the show. I had Syn hold Graves, I put a chair in Graves face...went to the complete other side of the ring, climbed to the top rope, and did a coast to coast dropkick into the chair. Crowd went NUTS!! It was a good feeling. Did the "Thanks for coming" thing, and mingled for a bit, before getting dressed, and continuing the mingling. Eventually we all decide to get a bite to eat. I ride with my pal Brandon we go to the Tiki(usual eats spot) Sit there for a a few, until Brandon, and I decide to go to the connecting hotel that Lightfoot, Pillman, and Mephisto are in. I recalled they told me Pillman was 419, and Lightfoot was 111. Get to 111, and they have a "Do not disturb" sign on...KNOCK,KNOCK,KNOCK "Who is it ?" "Me" "ME who?" "Me jackoff""You must have the wrong room" "Lightfoot?""NO""Well, do you want to hangout?" "No!" Brandon"Ya SURE?""Go Away!" Lightfoot was in room 112,oops! Go get Pillman, cause 419 I REMEMBER. Call Mephisto tell him we're all kickin it. We're about 20 deep in this place, raisin hell. Fun times!! A guy comes from left field, and just sits down with us all,and starts talking. Says something about wrestling being fake. Mephisto throws himself in the floor of this resteraunt,and asks the guy to do it, the guy declines with a "But that would hurt", I have Brandon stand up,and I punch him in the face not a foot from this guy. That did it, he changes his mind about wrestling. a few minutes later the guy is getting on Brandon's nerves to the point Brandon wants to throw hands with this guy. I had to cooldown the situation. I sit at strangers tables, and strike up conversation out of nowhere myself, I didn't want Brandon killing him for something I usually do. 20 dwindles to 6, and after some good jokes,and stories I decide to call it a night, breaking up our party. Mephisto(19) left with some "less than attractive" teeth-missing woman(32) Wrestler's are whore's. Cept me BABY! Well, not when I'm "Spoken for" atleast! Go to the room, hang with Pillman for a bit before crashing somewhere around 5am. So, 21+ hours up on 4 hours sleep!! Not another 24+ hour excursion, but close! Rise,and shine round 9 to have breakfast with everyone. The trip home I was pretty much a zombie, but I didn't sleep any. All around a great worthwhile experience. I got some funny stories out of it, what else could I ask for right ?

Long overdo update!
I know I haven't given this a full update in quite a long time.

So, here goes..

A couple months ago I all,but stopped wrestling. I was planning on moving to the St. Louis area, this costs money, and didn't want to take any booking's I wasn't positive I could make. So, I decided to only take Wicked booking's, which I may not have done either, but I am the champion,and felt somewhat obligated. I finally have gotten moved, and settled for the most part. I am single again. I'm pretty much starting from scratch as far as wrestling is concerned. I have very few friends left down here from my childhood. I kept in contact with most of the crew for the longest time, then people started moving, and having fall-outs, and what have you. So NOW, it's like I'm COMPLETELY starting over. Don't get me wrong, I like meeting new people, and making new friends. Though I do tend to have trust issues; it's hard to find people you can REALLY trust. I'm an experience junkie, I want to be able to say "Hey, I did that." About EVERYTHING! Though, I was content in Danville,Il. I could go ANYWHERE,and know, well..pretty much everyone. This is in a city of 34,000 or so. I knew exactly what was going on...the where's, the when's, the who's, and how's. Knew all the good places, and in my opinion, people you could deal with. I was content. Work is better here. I've done quite well already since I've been here, but have been on the road ALOT! No real time to enjoy it. Plus, I gotta save, winter is a bad time for my business. I did go out last saturday. Went with a few friends to a Jazz club in the Ameristar casino, which wasn't a cheap venture. Ran a tab, got 4 shots of Tequila, and 4 Smirnoff Ice's for a whopping $35. So we all went to Main st.in dowtown St. Charles like 3 blocks with nothing but bars,and clubs. THAT WAS FUN SHIT. Second time I've been down there. The first time it ended in a 20 man battle royale in the middle of the street, didn't even know what started it just knew somebody punched me, so IT WAS ON! Anyway, I did get in touch with afew indy feds down here. One in particular, Mid American Xtreme; MAX, Runs a school roughly 10min from my house. Which is one thing here has over Danville. The closest school was 3hrs away! So, I get my tape in the promoter's hand Saturday(before I met my friends)went up Monday, and Wednesday to the school. I hear Wednesday night, that Tuesday they had everybody sit down,and watch my tape...What not to do right,lol. I also saw Chris Synz who came up to work a royale for Wicked, his son was a fullfledged Wyldehead, and still is. I was a jungle gym, until the promoter's wife made him stop,and when she did..he started balling, I felt so sorry for the kid. I made it a point to give him a hug as he left. Been able to meet alot of the roster already,and they all seem cool as hell, very inviting, and hospitable. I plan to kinda keep with the slow wrestling schedule. I'll be working Wicked, MAX, and very few more until the winter weather breaks. We are looking at 9/18 as my debut date, which could change. I may attend an afternoon show tomorrow about 20 min from my door, and see a full show, not just a tape, or the air show in Chesterfield, not sure at this point. What IS set in Stone, is that, I will be at Saliva, Shinedown, & Earshot in Duquoin, IL. Tomorrow night! Should be an awesome time. I will also be at Metallica, and Godsmack Sept. 25 @ the Savvis center, and either WWE Sept. 26th or Dave Chapelle Otc. 3rd Both are in Columbia, Mo. I also will be in attendance for the court proceedings of Champaign county the morning of Sept 29th due to some unfortunate happening's at the last Saliva concert I went to. Hard to keep track! I think I'll end up being just fine. Other than the people being somewhat snooty this side of the river, and the town I live in smelling funny due to a fuel refinery being two blocks down from my house...It isn't so bad so far. I got 2 numbers in one day...Yep, I'll be just fine! Until next time...
Longass Double Shot!!
Friday night, I get a call from “The MOST dysfunctional couple in the world” My sister Mandi, and James (my sister baby daddy) “Let’s go out” they say; “It’ll be fun,” they say. Ok, so I buy it! First bar is ok, James getting pulled over, and Mandi almost fighting some chick outside of the second bar later. We head to a third bar. On the way home from the third bar Mandi, and James LIKE DAMN BOOKENDS, are hanging out my back doors puking, AS I’M DRIVING. I should have stopped, but fuck that. Get them home, and in bed, and I end up crashing about 6am. Wake up around 11am. Sat morning. Get ready, and off to Marion, In. for EWF around 2pm. Uneventful ride. I arrive around 5:30 or so. My duties get switched up three times. Now, I’m working Osyris… Who is somewhere around 6’7”, 450!!! A MANWALL! I was able to do a few things, and take a few things… That I usually don’t. It was a fun match. I was hated, he was loved. Easy time! So, hang out a little. I got to see Drew Johnson (OVW), who I hadn’t seen since we partied with Dlo in Shelbyville. Which was cool. The guys pretty good on the mic too, which I never knew. Met Buff Bagwell, and am not sure why he has a bad rep. He keeps pretty quiet, and to himself until you start joking around with him, and then he’s not a bad dude at all, I didn’t think. Though, looking at Dana Devine’s nice ass boobies (Chrissi’s are better), but looking at them… then doing a 180, and seeing Buff’s naked, un-tanned ASS. Was like Heaven to Hell in 2.5 seconds. Just scary! Get on the road to Louisville around 10pm. Arrive near Louisville around 1am. Owen a friend of Aaron/A.W. Lurch` was sober enough to give me direction’s to his place. Nice college area where this 80’s Theme kegger was being held. Get inside, where I meet up with Aaron, who is in FULL ON Cobra Commander gear!! Kegs in the tub… Don’t mind if I DO. Made a challenge for some Connect 4, which was already busted out on the dinning room table, AW took me up on it. Hear tell, he rocked the house in Connect 4 earlier. I wasn’t nearly as drunk as he was, so I DOMINATED!! Okay, so maybe he got lucky a few games. We had our own cheering team, Molly/Mallory, some mark, lol!! Mind you, I’ve been seeking out the tub for refills pretty steady. Aaron says to come with him he has something to show me. Breaks out an ORIGINAL Nintendo, and pops in Mike Tyson’s: Punch Out. Aaron sits with his back to the TV, looking at me, and goes all the way to King Hippo, which is like the sixth guy on the game, ON NOTHING BUT SOUND. Unbelievable? Believe it! Then, pops in Super Mario 1&3, which for SOME reason, I sucked at. I used to ROCK ASS at that game. Gimme some Pac-Man, or Duck hunt. Duck Hunt They HAVE!! The gun is going around the room, and I ROCKED. We all end up playing with Owens` snake… His ball python you SICK FREAKS! His woman Isha looked like Tiffany. Aaron, and I trade a few well-placed punches for the viewing audience, and off we go. Get to bed about 6am, and wake around 11am again. We get ready, and off to Wax, Kentucky for some TLW action. On the way, I play a tape of Real American Hogan’s music. Out of NOWHERE Aaron looks at this guy in the car next to us, and starts going full on HULKSTER. A point at the guy, starts swaying his finger as if the guy did something wrong, then cranks the music, and starts posing all Hogan style. Does the flip hand to ear gimmick, and goes back to normal like nothing happened. It was CLASSIC!! Find the first building, and No one is there. See a sign saying it’s at the auction house in Big Clifty, Ky. Where the last show was. I brought my directions for the Wax venue, not Big Clifty. So we drive a bit, and I decide to stop at a T-section to find where we are. Aaron sees a sign, like a light shown down from above… TLW Wrestling this way. Take the turn… a few minutes later, and we’re there. WOW!! My duties again get switched up twice. Now, I’m working Hex Hatred w/ Hailey Hatred in his corner. Made sense storyline-wise due to me working them in a tag match at the previous show. Decent match. After much begging, I got a Cat Fight with Hailey. It was HOT! The crowd ate it up! With me being the hated heel, I went out like a bitch. It was great!! Get ready, and head back to Louisville to drop off Aaron. Hop on I-64 towards St. Louis, and am there by 10pm in order to pick up my Mom who I dropped off nearly two weeks before to be with my Grandma. Mom, and I went to dinner at my Denny’s (Childhood hangout of my CREW, at the corner of Midland, and Lindbergh) Before we get out of town Monday, I’m leaving the Quick Trip on Lilac, and run smack dap into “Terry Hopper’s Girlfriend Stacy” Weird!! Anyway, Mom drives home, and MY ASS SLEEPS. Until next time… STAY WYLDE!!!!
"First Home Court TITLE DEFENSE!"

Now, I dont usually talk, or put into writing Personal things that are going on with me. My brothers passing is really all Ive made public about my personal life. That said, there is quite a lot going on right now. Tuesday my step grandmother who is in the ending stages of Alzheimers is, for all intensive purposes, forgetting how to breathe! Wednesday night we get a call saying my Grandmother, Moms mom, was admitted to SLU hospital in St. Louis due to coughing up quite a bit of blood in recent weeks. As I am driving my Mom to St. Louis Thursday, My Step Grandfather, who had a collapsed lung a little over a month ago, was admitted again for trouble breathing. So, Thursday I drive directly from the Hospital in St. Louis to the Hospital here in Danville to see Grandpa. Friday we get another call about Grandma, Bob/dads mom, who again tried to forget to breathe! All of this with My brother Greg, "The SARGE", from the Marines, His wife, KathyMy sister Sabrina from Memphis, and her long time boyfriend Barry. Greg accepted an award in Chicago Saturday. Weve got a house full!! We all decided to go out, and try to get our minds off everything going on. I party until around 1am, and decide to get the drive to Chicago under my belt. As long as my lips arent numb I can drive just fine, lol. Get to Hayze` around 4am. CRASH OUT!! Start getting woken up around 9ishish. Get ready. Precious, and I go pick up my girlfriend Chrissi, and head to Precious Palace, Pick up a few things for herBack to Hayze. On the road we go, after a wylde orgy we arrive. Okay maybe there wasnt a wylde orgy, but it would have made the ride better for sure!! "Mad Man" Mark Castle, and his wife are the first peeps we see. Introduce everyone to Chrissi. A few of us do some ring work. A little bumping, and running ropes. Deuce, and a half, the band, was setting up. Doors open, and we are all told to feel free to go up, hang out, and jam to the band. Hell Yeah!! Get upstairs, and everyone is just kind of looming around. I decide, with the help of Rage, to toss a table, and a bunch of chairs into the ring. Hayze SOMEHOW finds a deck of cards. We end up about 15 deep in the ring PLAYING STRIP POKER! I only play two hands, and stand back basking in the greatness that is taking place in the middle of a wrestling ring! Its a damn shame Super J only lost her cape, and kick pads That Precious didnt lose her top, and that Russell Maxim ended up in his Under-roos. Shakes fist! Nearly everyone inside the ring ended up in a moshpit! Slam dancing, and shit! It was GREAT! Benito hits harder in the pit then he does in the ring! LOL! Coming around to show time, we all get to the back. The show starts with a promo setting up the no. 1 contender 3 way, which ended in a locker room empties pull apart. Fun stuff! Judas kills Malakim, so Chris Stark, and myself help him to the back. I have GOT to say, and Im SURE anyone whos been there would agree, Wicked has the MOST FUN, LAID BACK, AWESOME Locker room. Ask anyone whos worked a Wicked show. Its just a super fun time! So, right before Hayze match its decided well go out, and form The Underground. Which is Super J, who is ALMOST as over as I am, dont get a big head though deary, I dont even HAVE super powers, or great hooters, lol. Mark Castle, Hayze, Precious, and Myself. A few minutes later theres an Underground chant. Now, THATSOVER IN A FLASH, lol. Main comes around, and when we get out thereThen, the best ref in the Midwest Terry FN Hopper tells us the ring shifted badly, and there were some dangerous areas. NOW THATS A GOOD REF!! We immediately work a promo turning it into a no dq match. Work a few spots, and I end up bumping like a madman all over the floor. Clothesline, Body slam, Suplex, and a somersault from the apron! I like working Rigsby. We have a little history. Comes to the finish. The HOTTEST finish in the business, I catch him off a top rope cross body, throw him to my shoulders, WEAPON X!!! HUGE POP! Do the have a safe trip speech. I was tired of talking by this point, lol. Meet, and Greet with the fans. Get dressed, and head to TIKI for some Green River. Only place I drink it, lol. At some point my ex stormed off, because I had my new girl sitting on my lap. I didnt even notice her storming off, I was told about it afterwards. We get on the road, and back to Hayze Around 1am or so. Crash by like 2-3, then up again at 9am. Get ready, and I spent the day with my girl in Chicago. I met her friend Billy for the first time, and Starr. Billy has a band named Lycanthrope who COMPLETELY ROCK FUCKING FACE! Billy was a cool cat to boot. So, I pry my lips off my girl, too much sucking of the face, lol. Head home, and it was a long, but good weekend. Until next time STAY WYLDE !!


"Milwaukee 2 Missouri"

This was going to be a pretty long turn around. Here's the breakdown of the whole trip.

Danville, IL. To Waukesha, WI.

(273.9 miles/ 4 hours 36 mins)

Waukesha, WI. To Plato, Mo.

(534.4 miles/ 8 hours 13 mins)

Plato, Mo. to Danville, IL.

(379.7 miles/ 6 hours 22 mins)

Grand Total: 1,188 miles roundtrip

My friend Uriah, who had been asking me for a while when I was going to take him with me to a show, ended up riding along. Now, Most times I go solo, but this time however, I didnt mind at all to have the company. Not to mention a hand with the driving. I drive for my real job, but even I dont want to drive over 8hrs right after a show. Even the 6hr drive wed have to go to STL where I had arranged to crash at my friends NICEASS Apartment. Im talking over $1000/month kind of nice! So, I pick him up somewheres around noon. He confirmed it with the Mrs. earlier in the week. Couple quick stops, and off we go. This time there was very little traffic around Chicago, even when we got up around Milwaukee. This would not be the case next time. Get to the venue, which seems like a regular bowling alley from the outside. Uriah, and I notice a truck being unloaded through a side door. Assuming it may be the ring crew, we go through that door. We've walked into a nightclub!! This place would have been AWESOME for a wrestling venue. A main area where there was a big bar, and plenty of floor space for seating, an inset area that was just big enough for a ring, maybe a row of chairs, an area further back in the inset area that was under a raised area, but fans could have a pretty good view of the ring, then on both sides of the inset are were stairs leading to a raised area. It could be set up really cool for a wrestling venue. Though, a BAND was setting up where I would put the ring. Obviously, we need to find a wrestling ring. Continue through, until we get closer to where all the banging is going on. Walk in, and its ANOTHER nice area. The banging was Frankies students being ran through drills. Later theyd be ran through conditioning exercises by Adrian Serrano(wrestler/shoot fighter) Sorry guys! GOOD ring!! Nice thick ropes. Frank was the first guy I met through the door. Nice guy, and I like his taste in shirts. Do the new fed introduction gimmick. Get to meet some new, cool people. Din T, Dysfunction, Serrano; hell even Carmine Despirito was cool, and funny in his own little weird, strange guy kind of way. Also got to see some people I hadnt seen for a long time like Brandon Blaze (whos gone from Greased up skinny, to greased up buffy in 2.5 years, the dudes gotten big!), Bailey who is just as Bailey as ever, lol. Then theres Stone, who has dropped quite a bit of weight. I got to meet Good Will Orgy (1ManOrgy) for the first time. He was a nice guy; I think hes from Bawwston. Anyway, I find out who I'll be working, and in just the face..He's Ricky Steamboat!! Ok, so he's Tommy Courageous. Not a small guy around 6'3" 250-260 nothing but muscle. Not a guy I can toss around. Show starts. I'm in the back joking it up with Bailey, Serrano, and Desire (?) Courageous, and I are supposed to be 8th on the match list. A few things got changed, and we end up being 4th while the second match is going on. Alrighty then. Match starts, and in the interest of believability, He beats my ass most of the match. Gave me a powerbomb at one point, and Im honestly not used to taking powerbombs on a normal basis, and it really took the wind out of my sails. (See, Im usually more the roughneck/power guy, which wasnt the case here.) then out of nowhere Weapon X, 1,2,3. I will say I would have liked to make alittle better impression than this match did. So, I get packed up, and ready for the road. Now, I need to find Uriah. I look all over the crowd. Nothing. Go check the lanes to see if he decided to bowl a game. Not there. Venture into the nightclub, which had a Warrant tribute band named Cherry Pie playing. Gave the band a quick listen, and realized that even if Uriah was in there. I would have NO CHANCE of spotting him. Go back to the wrestling show (Where I've already said my goodbyes, so everyone was probably thinking, "I thought he left." I'm trying, lol. I ask Frank if he spots him, and BAM, he points right at him. I grab him, and off we go! Decide to get gas before getting on the road. Take the wrong turn heading out of the gas station, and get lost, but not for long. I get to I39, and Hand the Raines to Uriah. Time to crash for a couple hours. Uriah is like Blair Russell (a Web Reporter who casually drives a quarter of the way across the country, aka; Florida, on a whim.) Uriah ironically also drives to Florida, though I doubt they go to the same place. Uriah wakes me up, and wanted to get a room. He gets migraine headaches. We were alittle over an hour from St. Louis, and I strongly considered just going ahead, and driving the remainder. An hour isnt anything, but Uriah wanted a bed. Not to mention, I wasnt keen on going to my friends apartment at 4 am. Now, I wouldn't so much mind save the fact they have a young daughter now. We'll just get up an hour earlier. It'll be cool. This wasnt the best looking hotel, judging by the exterior. The rooms were nice though, and only like $32 for a double. I do get a special rate being an escort however. Look for the "2 Missouri" part in the next few days with the rest of this trip. Alittle over 700 miles done, and about 500 left to go. Stay Tuned, and


"Title Win"

I've decided to post each commentary individually. Here is the Kickoff !!


So, I take off from the house around noontime. Arrive at the building around 3pm. As I walk in I see a kid just sorta hanging around, so I strike up a conversation as I head up the back stairs. It turned out the kid is a big fan, and regular to the Wicked message board, Hit Parader. Benito, Talon, Mel, Rage, and Amy were all there. So, after a little killing time I start messing around with Rage on some rasslin. NOWa rumor ended up starting I could only guess from this incident. People claiming I was actually training Rage who is now 13. Sean Waltman started training at 13. I gave him a couple Russian Leg sweeps, and a few reverse ddts (basic back bumps) Then, a bit of stand up wrestling. I am not training him. I hope this dispels any rumors. Kill more time. Others start to arrive including Mark Castle formerly known as Storm Rider in Powerhouse. We had a little history, but had a chance to talk over a few things, and Im glad to see everything is cool between us now. Congrats go out to him on a recent marriage, Good Luck you two. Starts getting closer to show time, and about half the roster still hadnt arrived. People start to get worried. I know I started to. Terry Hopper makes his entrance, and BAM here comes everyone else. They were all waiting on Terry I know it. I got to meet Super J for the first time in person. Ive spoken to her before online, but this was our first meeting. Shes a cool enough chick, and proves that, as youll read later. Got to see my Juggalo peeps dat was in da hizzle FO shizzle. Havent seen them since my last dance in IUWA, the dreaded Chain Match. Cool seeing them. Mary my vertically challenged friend also showed by now. Shes pretty hot for a little person. Shes nice too. I carry her with me for a few minutes danced a little, until I put her down, because my Girlfriend might have seen, and got all mad. Im kidding, shes cool. Did I mention Terry FN Hopper brought a full months supply of Tahitian Noni. The closest thing to Ambrosia juice you can get. A Miracle drink. Look for a link in my lynx section, and check it out. So things are shaping up, and the show is coming together. Remy Rainz, and Matt Vinvaktor two cool dudes I hope Wicked has back. So, its getting closer to bell time, and Kurt Rigsby who had some serious involvement in my angles for the evening hadnt arrived yet. First match goes on. Second match goes on. Im getting worried. Third match goes on. Im sweating bullets. BAM, Rigsby arrives. The first leg of the angle goes off flawlessly. Bishop, and Rigsby run in on the Talons Tirade. A NICEASS pedigree from Bishop, and a Primal Scream from Primal Instinkt later. Matt Vinvaktor, and Super J make the save setting up Vinvaktor vs. Rigsby (crash style) for a spot in the four way for a no.1 contender shot. Rigsby wins the match. The four way is the very next match. Rigsby wins that. Brandon, and I are next, and Rigsby is coming out with Brandon. Talk about under pressure. Props go out to Kurt on the good work ethic. Im first up. Jimmy D wasnt able to make this show so Melissa, Benitos wife, did the announcing for every other match. Terry Hopper who is also an announcer, and a VERY good one, for a lot of placesTakes control, and announces our match. YAY TERRY. No offense Mel, you even said you could tell you werent used to it. Terry announces From the Wyldesyde.  The crowd started a loud Lets get Wylde chant. That was so cool. I mean REALLY cool. They were chanting for me before my music even hit. Thats never happened to me before. Im so thankful how the fans in LaSalle have been to me, I couldnt appreciate them more. So, I explode out of the curtain as usual, and do my shit. Work a quick promo, and Brandons tune hits. He, and Rigsby swagger to the ring, to a less then loving reception. Bishop puts down the fans, and myself until he challenges me to a POSEDOWN. Im all about the weight. you know Im down. So, he poses. Boo. I pose. Yay. He poses, boo. I pose, yay. He poses, I pose. He attacks. Now, Im all for jumping someone from behind, but during a pose down. thats just wrong! Many people said this was the match of the night. Felt great, crowd was WAY into everything, just over-all awesome. Possible Match of the Year nominee? Well see. We worked snug. It was definitely one of the better matches Ive had in my career. Comes to the end. Rigsby pushes me off the top, and slips Brandon the belt. Brandon tosses me the belt, and falls, Terry instantly dqs me. What!? Chris Stark makes things right, and restarts the match. Brandon immediately hits me in the face with the belt in front of everyone to cause a dq, but him keeping the title. Chris Stark again upholds what is right, and good by restarting the match. Mark Castle comes out to even the sides. Knocks Rigsby off the apron, and gets in Brandons grill. Grabs the title, and as they struggle I slide in all sneaky, and shit, with a schoolboy roll up. 1,2,3 Wicked gets Wylde as I become the second EVER Wicked Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight champion!!!!! My first Heavyweight strap by the way. Beer bash begins, and the locker room empties. Which I didnt expect, but was a NICE touch. Really felt like a changing off the guard so to speak. Just a really cool feeling. I got Goosebumps literally. Matt Vinvaktor, and Mark Castle hoisted me up. Yes they got my big ass up, though Mark was holding me up by nothing, but my manhood. Ouch, lol. The brew was flying, and someone handed me a mic. I gave a short promo, and then gave a shout out to my mother who was in attendance. Just wanted to thank her for being my number one fan even though she hates wrestling, and tell her I love her. Thank the fans for coming, and out to the people for some drinks, and conversation. They seem to genuinely appreciate what we do. Sign some autographs, do some photo ops, and get dressed. We all decide to head to the Tiki, for an after show grub down.  Mom wanted me to take the belt in. I thought Id feel weird about it. She talked me into it anyway. Walk in I feel weird about it, and make her carry it. So, Wrestlers 20 deep in a small restaurant we didnt stick out at all. Were pretty well behaved for a few minutes. Then, it happened. I hear everyone at one end of the table say OHH! I ask what happened, and come to find out these girls had walked in, and Matt Vinvaktor tried to make a pass at one. She turned him down! You dont turn the Hardcore Heartthrob down. Is a she nut? He made a save for me earlier. heres my chance to return the favor. I grab the belt, look at Matt, and say youre coming with me. Super J knew evil was abound, and decided to tail us being the hero she is! Benito, and a few others just HAD to see what was going down. I throw the belt on Matts shoulder. So, we all converge on this group two guys, three girls. I proceed to give Matt the longest introduction of his life. The manliest of men, the Mecca of manhood, the WWA championBlah, blah, blah Put him over big time. The entire staff was at attention by now, as well as everyone on this entire side of the joint. They were all at attention. Matt is hitting on one girl particularly who was sitting on the inside of a booth next to one of the dudes. She asked for a demonstration as proof. Matt scooped up everyones favorite superhero Super J. I thought hed slam her, but what makes her cool as I alluded to earlier, Im sure she was willing to take it! That wasnt proof enough, so I gave Benito a nice working punch to the jaw with a loud slap to the shoulder upon impact which went unnoticed, but made a great sound. One of the guys went DAMN! The chick he was hitting on still wasnt buying it. She said do you have any pictures? They produced a digital camera that had been used at the show proving our claims. The girl who Matt set his sites on claimed to know Karate. Matt asks the guy sitting next to her to slide out, and let the lady out from the booth. The guy says. Shes with me. Matt thought for a second, then walked behind her, and pulled her backwards out of the booth!!! The guy just sits there. She finally decides to admit she didnt know karate, and Matt works his charm. Next thing you know the WHOLE group are pulling up a table. The whole time Im calling Matt champ, anything for you CHAMP, Its your night CHAMP, shit like that. So, hes in conversation with this girl. By this time I realize she wasnt actually with the guy who said that she was. He was just trying to help her out. They start to leave, and Matt is TRYING to get this hookup, right. He talks to the girl clear to the door. I see under her chair she left her purse. So, being the kind, and helpful dude I am. I walk over grab her purse, and much to Melmaks surprise, drop it by his feet. ANOTHER CHANCE. He runs the purse out, and returns a few minutes later. No Luck! We all go back to talking, and BAM the girl calls the restaurant, and asks for MATT. He talks for a few minutes, and due to some questioning, finds out THIS GIRL IS 15!!! She DID NOT look 15. Nor did the other girls, OR the guys. They all looked at least of age. Who KNEW!? We have a good laugh, and get ready to split. It was VERY WINDY, and COLD out. I went out to bring the car around for Mom. Im a good son. Went to The Lounge. My favorite bar in LaSalle!! Sat with the WWA bunch in a corner with a cool couch, and a lazy boy. I got a massage from my cool girlfriend Jessica, and drank a beer with everyone. Then it was time to head on home. Great fun, great time, great memories, great SCOTT Its a bird, its a plane No. Its SUPER J!!lmao. Im very appreciative for the opportunity to run with the ball. Ill run as hard as I can. Until next time, STAY WYLDE !! 


Good  MoshPITTING !!!

(Part 2)

Ive been unbelievably busy as of late. My apologies, for the lack of updates to this commentary section. However, Due to the MASSIVE amounts of requests for a new commentary Ill finish this one, and have a full commentary covering Wyldechyldes **Midwest Conquest Tour** 2004 up by Sunday evening. That said

Good MOSHpitting 2

So, there we were at the Tiki restaurant. It was Terry FN Hopper, Sweet Jimmy D, Mosh/Chaz, Kurt Rigsbys Girlfriend, and Myself. Terry, and I decide not to eat, because it makes at least me very sluggish if I eat before a show. We all joke around, and have some fun. Around this time I start getting a headache(Note this). Everyones food arrives. Chaz food wasnt what he ordered. His salad was some lettuce tossed on a plate with what looked like a GLOB of mayo dropped smack dab in the center of his plate. Sends it back, and we all take some time to give the waitress a hard time. Bell time is at 7pmhere it was 6:30. Chaz, and I werent on until later in the show, but we had the announcer, and ref with us. We finish up, hop in the wYldemobYle, and back at the show. Everybody was kind of freaking out, because they didnt know wed be gone so long. It was all good though. Jimmy D, and Terry are very good, and dont need much time to prepare. By this time the headache that started earlier had progressed to a full-blown head splitter. Figured out my duties for the evening, and tried to find ANY kind of painkiller. A locker room filled with wrestlers, and not one has even an aspirin. Gone are the days of drug filled, drunk inhabited locker rooms. DAMN! Finally someones girlfriend had some Aleve. Im happy, but the headache had by this time turned into


I sit in the back holding my head.If I hadnt it felt like it would literally explode ! Comes time for the one on one with Mosh. He goes out first. Then, my music hits. I come out, and the crowd erupted. Didnt help my headache, but was great. I cut a promo, and the crowd was livid. I sank in a corner doing nothing, but stomping my foot, and the crowd giving the loudest Lets get wylde chant ever before that point. It was truly a great feeling. We go into it, and everything is solid. nice, and snug. A few minutes in. That damned syndicate jumped us. We fought them bastards off, and set up a tag match for later in the evening. After I did some convincing to Mosh who assumed they were with me. We get to the back, and my heads still splitting. Mosh looks at me, and says Dude, had that just stayed me, and you. Wed have had an awesome match. Which was a nice thing for him to say. Hang around for a few minutes, and the battle royal comes around. STILL WITH A HEADACHE. Go out. I eliminate NOBODY, unless you count punching Kurt Rigsby, and him flipping over the top rope. Comes down to me, and Mosh again. He cuts a promo how he just wants to kick the syndicates ass, and eliminates himself. Making me the no. 1 contender for the title. The crowd erupts.which made me realize.. MY HEADACHE WAS GONE !! WOOHOO !!  We work the tag, and it wasnt the best southern style tag, but it was one of the MOST FUN matches Ive worked as a face. Finish the match, cut a promo, and rub some elbows with the fans. I like to get out there, and talk to the people. Get into the locker room, get dressed, and off to the bar we head. Benito, Melissa, a few other friends of Wicked, Chaz, and Myself stopped by this bar. We drank a beer or two, and needed to get on the road. I planned on taking Mosh to his room, and driving home that night. We drive alittle over an hour to his hotel, and I was pretty beat. Chaz offered for me to crash, luckily his room had two beds, so I took him up on it. We joked about playing the in room N64, but by the time we got into the room we were SO tired we just crashed. Woke up around 9am. And 5 min. later I was gone. Needed to get home by noon Sunday for a family thing. So, other than The Mother of all Headaches!!!, The day went very well, and was a fun, yet LONG experience. Well, keep your eye out for Midwest Conquest Tour: The wYldemAn conquers Take care, and STAY WYLDE !!


Good  MoshPITTING !!!

(Part 1)

Hello fans!! Id like to thank everyone that came out to the WWA show in LaSalle, IL. !! Everyone seemed to have a good time, and Im glad about that. This Wylde wrYtings started for me, on Friday night. Im very impulsive, so Im hanging around Friday, and decide Hey, Why dont I drive to LaSalle tonight? So, about 11pm. I hop in the car, and head to LaSalleGet there a little after 2am. And was wired!! So, I commence waking up Benito, and Mel. They were beat, and not up to playing strip poker. So, I got angry, and went to bed. No FUN!! Wake up around 7am. Then, off to the airport Mel, and I go. Getting there went by pretty quick, and we didnt get lost. Well, maybe just once, but we got back on track fast. We decide to get his room for him. Which in turn, made me want to get some sex toys from this little sex shop, and put them in Chaz bed. Melissa wouldnt let me! Damn! We get to OHare, and the parking lot is PACKED. Finally, we find the ONE open spot, and take a shuttle to the Rail car that takes you to the airport. Now, I got a great idea here. What if there was a rail system to every place youd ever want to go. It would completely destroy the automotive industry, but it would be quite convenient! Ok, so we find the arrival info, and go to the Baggage claim area to find Chaz. I just looked for the wrestler, lol he was easy to spot. Wrestlers have a way of standing out. We start back to the rail car area, and CANT find it. Melissa was leading the way, so I was giving her shit for us being lost. FINALLY find our way, and get to the car. Chaz wanted to stop at the room for a minute, and get settled in. Towards LaSalle we go, but we decide to grab a bite to eat first. I slide into Mickey Ds going about 40, and squealin tires. Freaked everyone out, lol. We get back on the road, so everything is fine rightWRONG! We all start yakking, and my dumbass gets us lost. Not once, not twice, but three times! Thats what I get for not concentrating on what Im doing. Get to the Venue a little after 2pm. There were some last minute replacements to the ring, and we could get in to do some messing around. We all kind of chitchat, and do the greetings ritual. Get in the ring, and run the ropes, bump some. I pull Justin on in to work on some stuff with him. Hes got a good build, but some things just dont click, and this business is mostly mental! You either Get it or you dont. The best way to get used to something is to do it. Chaz actually got in to help work with Justin on some things I was trying to get across. Which was cool of him, because no one asked him to do that. He just wanted to help. Then came the Synz, Chris Synz that is..for a tryout. Apparently, Talon made this Discovery. Now, I dont know how long hes been in the business, or where he came from. I know when I go to a new fed for a tryout,(I mostly rely on tapes though) When any new guy goes to a new fed, and is going to have a tryout. Its almost an unwritten rule, that you TAKE shit. You show them that you know how to sell, and bump. Only give offense if it is requested of you. So, I call off a simple spot, and the guy completely disregards the spot, spins me around, and boots me, then starts dropping forearms. Mess around a few more minutes. I call a slam on the guy, and he just kinda flops on me, and didnt post for it. Almost dropped himself on his head.No good. Benito had him run the ropes, and he was blown up in 4 crosses. Seemed like a nice enough guy, but there was a reason he only worked the royal.  Chaz, Myself, Sweet Jimmy D, Terry FN Hopper, and Kurt Rigsbys girlfriend.All decide to go grab a bite to eat, or a Green River(Neon Green Citrus drink). This is where I end Part 1.Look for Part 2 in a week or so!!


MEW        X-perience !

Nothing really adventurous happened the night before the show. I went to bed early around 1am.(Which is early by my standards, for a sat. night especially) So, I wake up early also,and don't need to hurry too awfully much. I packed my nice new luggage bag, which is big enough to hold two camera's, two outfits, and my ring gear,and attire. Awesome bag, but quite heavy even with wheels.I get on the road around 1pm. The ride was highly uneventful,and I won't bore you with tales of Cheese,and Jalapeno corndogs,or Peach Propel fitness water. I arrive at the building 3:30 promptly. Enter the building,and am nearly taken out of my shoes from Allie/Precious/Tristin Hayze's woman nailing me with a spear, YEAH, she called it a hug. Hug my ass she wanted to take me out. So, I start the new fed introduction thing. I didn't feel akward at all, I knew half the guys on the roster. The other half seemed cool. Meeting them for the first time, a few seemed alittle clique-ish, but everybody was more than cordial to me. I met with Mikey Migo he seemed nice. I got a chance to see quite a few guys I haven't seen for awhile! It was GREAT seeing some of those guys. Chase Richards, Acid Jazz, Tony Rican, Safari Stu, Botch, Scarpone, Iowa Joe, Billy Whack, VOK. Then guys like Mac, Stryc-9, Hayze all guys I have alot of fun around. I got to see my girl MEANO, but missed out on my Eryn fix(Who is usually at MEW)Get well soon. At this point I decide to find a dollar store to do some cheapskate shopping. I take Hayze along with me to help find the place. We do some "shopping", our items included: 3 cans of silly string, 1 teddy bear, 1 all purpose knife, and 1 tiara....DON'T ask !! We get back to the building, and it's still over an hour before show time. Set up my camera equiptment, and find out a rough outline of my duties for the evening. I then(with my hand cam)begin taping for the "Tristin Hayze: Behind the Job" video. Tristin has been chosen as the 2004 Jobber of the Year. I begin with footage of Allie/Hayze's woman beating on me for announcing Hayze as the winner. Then footage of Chase, Hayze's skinny pale ass in his scooby-doo under roos,lol, Stryc-9(last years winner) GREAT Willie Da bomb stuff, Migo, Showtime(I think his name was), and as I was attempting to get Kenny Courageous' comments... A bitch-fest broke out between Allie, and Mike Menace. Allie was trying to take my camera. I tickled her,and she started to go away, but Menace had to get his point across, and it ended with them nose to nose fbombs flying in the locker room in front of about 25 members of the roster. Very unprofessional you two. Before the show Migo goes over the layout, then a prayer,and a pep talk. I'm not used to it, but it's their thing, doesn't bother me. So, the show starts. Botch(Who I discovered is a youth pastor,who'da thunk it?),and I (two new guys to the fed) weren't exactly sure what was expected of us. I'm the type of guy who loves to know exactly what I'm doing like weeks in advance. So, we hang out until we all go over the main. Sounded cool. We had a promo, a run in, and the main. So, I feel alot better about things. I get my gear on, and the wait began. The show seemed to go by slightly slow. Then the Run-in came around, which was set to lead directly to our match. Jump in chop Mimic alittle, then Botch,and I stomp a mud hole. I go out after Stryc-9. I rained down a few stiff ass forearms, My forearm actually went numb for a split second on one shot. I look down,and he's bleeding pretty bad. Immediately, I leave him alone. I assumed "Broken nose" Turns out it was a wicked bad cut on the bridge of his nose. Us evil people are ran off by Kenny Courageous w/Steel Chair in hand. The faces make there way out,and we are on. Starts off with some brawling on the floor all over. At one point I was on my knees right in front of a few fans getting punched in the face. I was almost in those peoples lap, I'll bet my hair was literally hitting them in the faces. They were SUPER into it screaming "Now this is Wrestling" at the top of their lungs. That didn't make it to my tape, because at that very moment Hayze was getting bodyslammed head first into a trashcan which made the tape. Ah well. I had planned on having two angles,my still cam wasn't on record, but My bud Safari Stu took care of the handcam stuff. Which I definately appreciated. We eventually made it to our corners, and ding,ding. Tried out a new spot I call my trifecta. You'll be seeing me hit it more often so I can get it down. I hit a back elbow to drop the guy, off the rope, and a jumping(over my opponent)twisting elbow drop, followed by rvd's spinning legdrop. It should be a REALLY hot sequence when I get it completely down. Hit some other stuff. Get eliminated by a twisting bareback. Other guys start dropping like flies, and that's the show. Overall: Good time, I had fun. I felt alittle off, but that didn't come across on the tape so it's cool. I feel like it's a decent place to work, and I made the impression that I wanted to make. If I'm not invited back it won't be because I didn't do my job, but I think being one of the newest member's of the NWO-like/Team Firepro I should be returning to Highland in the near future. I got dressed. Bs'd with evryone. Did my rounds, and off. I wasn't even concerned about any possible after party. It was sunday night. I get booked to work my real job anytime through the week, especially Monday mourning. The drive home FLEW by. It felt like maybe 45 min, and I was home. It's a near 3 hour drive. Well, I hope everyone's holiday went great. Mine went well. Come on out for the next adventure to the wYldesYde(Hey, that's spelled like a town a bad 80's metal band would live in)Anywho, come on out to Lasalle on Jan.17th to see WC 1 on 1 with JTW(*Friend vs. Friend*) Till then, STAY WYLDE !!!

 Hell on Earth !! What a ride !

It was thanksgiving last week. I had relatives visit. Love to see them come, and love to see them go. I guess there are alot of things to be thankful for...My family, health, my families health, my friends, my life. Many of you out there don't know, but I recently had a brother pass away. It has made me do an awful lot of thinking. We never know when our number is up. Everyday could be our last, and we are all truely powerless of this fact. My brother, Michael, was 25 years old. A mere 2 years older than me. I miss him. I also draw from him. With his passing it has given me the inspiration to want more from my life in the time I'm here. With that said, I've made the decision to invest myself completely into what I truely want to do. Wrestle. I will be putting in atleast 5 days a week from this day on to train my body, and get in the shape an athlete should be in. I have a grasp on this business mentally, however, physically..I am lacking. This is going to change. That's a promise to each,and every one of you, and most importantly..Myself ! Now, onto WWA's Prophecy. I talked my sister into freeing my Brother in-law/bestfriend, James, for the day. He had to take atleast one of his two kids. I've got two nephew's, Austin(5), and Hunter(2). He decided Austin would be easier to keep an eye on. So, were on the road around noon, which is unusually early, but I had alot on my plate for the evening,and wanted to get there as early as possible. We had lunch,and arrived around 3:30. Ring crew was still working there magic. We run on the third floor of a building, trust me, they work magic. We take off again for wally world for some odds, and ends. Get back to the venue, and get a chance to go over the gameplan. We all just kinda hung out. Workers started coming in, and the usual hooplah ensued. It's really a great bunch of guys to be in the company of. Alittle before the show, a few old friends arrived. Bill Valentine, Ben Roberts, Dan Marco(aka:Lawrence) Always a pleasure to see these guys. Then, out of left field. Brian Dean (Lyle) shows up. The man that trained me. I haven't seen him in almost two years. I was very happy he was able to come. My Mother made a rare apperence at this one which was AWESOME. So, belltimes getting closer, and some guys that are booked, aren't there yet. So, I start pulling for them to book the primetime guys. They booked Mike Menace instead. Menace is a good friend, and a good wrestling personality, but isn't the most fine tuned worker. Though, I'm no Bret Hart, who am I to throw stones. Before the "Tap out tag match" I was to interupt the "Sweet Spot" with Syn as the guest. For effect, I take a few chairs, and toss them out of the curtain before I head out. Now, Brian, my friend Eric, John Kmetz(old powerhouse ref), and John's daughter, Miranda, were all sitting by the entryway. There were chairs stacked on tables next to the entryway. I guess one of the chairs I chucked, veared off, and knocked over some other chairs..ALMOST hitting Eric, and Miranda. It was unintentional, so I rightfully apoligized. Brian was alittle pissy about it, but I'm no stranger to Brian being pissy at me, and I did apoligize, so it's cool. Did the "Sweet Spot", took a DDT, and waited for the "Tap out tag" to finish up. I really liked how the tag match was booked, a vet,and a rookie on each team. Don't think I'm knocking Angus, or Rigsby by saying rookie...I'm 4 years in this month, and still consider myself a rookie. Mom had been taking advantage of the booze on premises. Now Mom doesn't drink often, but when she does...she does it right. SO, The main rolls around. Mom's drunk, and My music hits. I come pulling out this cart full of chairs. This match went well. I was somewhat nervous, and that's really not a feeling I'm used to. Alot of people were concerned about possible injuries in this one. I had faith in my opponent, and he in me. Though, with so much worry over the match it kinda bled over to us. Until we actually got out there, then it was all gone, it was tunnel vision. We had a job to do, and it was going to get done. First fall went to him, from his finisher off the ladders through a table, second to me, when I hit a leg drop off the 10 foot ladder, and landed ass first on his head. I thought I killed him. I couldn't apoligize enough, and the first 4 times I asked if he was alright, he didn't answer, then he just started getting up again, the tough bastard ! So, we continue on, and move to the finish, my finisher(Weapon X) Off the ladders through a table. This spot was most of everyone's concern. It went off without a hitch, and looked quite good to boot. Both of us got busted open in the match, we both got put through tables off of ladders, we both put our asses on the line for those people, and you know what.... They appreciated everything we did. Every person in that building knew they got there monies worth. After the match, Eric Freedom came out to celebrate with me which was cool. He also said some good things about me straight from the heart. Thank you Eric ! I pulled my nephew Austin in the ring with me for a minute. I was having a beer bash, so I had him get in for only a minute, he loved it though. The match went 20-25, then the celebration was about 10, and not a single person left, and everybody was on their feet the entire match. Not only did the fans pop for my catchphrases, they said them with me. I almost had to tell everyone "It's not sing along with the Wylde!" I'll save that for another time,lol. Standing on top of the ladder in the middle of the ring, beer in hand, getting applause, just then I felt like it was a viable main event, and to be able to say that with such talented guys on the show is really cool to me. It was a great feeling, and I'm happy to just be a part of it. Thanks to everyone who made it out, special thanks to Nick Logan,and Benito Gonzales. It really was "Hell on Earth", but I loved every minute of it !! Most of us grabbed a bite at the truck stop afterwards, then went to Benito's for a drink,and to watch the tape. Then it was off for home, with alot of great memories. Jerry Lynn next show, and it should be Wylde !! Till then take care ! And STAY WYLDE !!!

Wicked Gets Wylde !
I've been very busy lately, sorry about the delay. Got decent sleep the night before the Wicked show(for a change) Woke up around 10am. Ran some errands,and on the road about 2. Drive straight through,and arrive alittle before 5. As soon as I arrive all the other workers start pouring in. It was Wicked's title tournament to crown their first ever champion. I had "Primal Instinkt" Kurt Rigsby in the first round. We had alittle history, it's no secret that most workers..at some point or another, rolled around in "The Yard" with their friends. Kurt was one of the guys doing some rolling, along with myself, Zero(of Void Effect), and a few others. This was the first time I was able to wrestle Kurt, who was trained by Brandon Bishop(the best trainer bar-none in IL.) We had a decent match achieving everything we wanted. Good old school psychology. A formula that just can't fail, it's just a style of wrestling that forces a crowd to follow the match. I love the ECW(No Sell) style, but it just doesn't make sense. SUPER HOT FINISH ! Caught him off a top rope crossbody, threw him unto my shoulders, and hit my Weapon X. The crowd ate it up. I've gotta give props to that rowdy ass bunch that worked just as hard as fans,as the workers did as wrestlers. Good chants, great reaction's ALL night. Moved on to face Brandon Bishop.* Rib Alert *During half-time Benito called down one of the commentators, Talon. The plan is to tell him we'll have to replace him at the announce table due to him sucking, He turns a corner,and I lay into him on how much he sucks, what he "Didn't" put over, blah,blah, it was supposed to be Zero, but I saw him first,and if I didn't lay it on, I was going to bust up laughing, because Eric Freedom was working on Talon in the elevator on the way down, so he was already almost in tears, I'm screaming for Jimmy D to teach this kid how to commentate about the exact same time Jim comes walking around the corner(great timing) Benito tells him about replacing him, and the guy says "Fine, I guess I have to go drink with Marvin(Infamous lasalle fan)" GREAT SHIT, shocked everyone stayed serious, I almost lost it. Then, Jim is telling him, "You gotta project better",and "It's cool, I'll work with you." Then, Benito drops it on him "What if this was just a big rib ?" Funny,funny shit. Best part: Most of the boys didn't know it was a rib, and were like in awe how we'd all do that infront of everybody, it's talent when you can work the boys. Round 2: Brandon Bishop...Brandon is a guy I really look up to, and respect completely. However, even though I've worked almost everyone of his students(great guys)...I've never had the opportunity to work the man himself. Only bad thing, we had both had a match each before ours. This match also achieved everything we wanted. I can't wait for my next chance at Brandon. I've said it before, and I'll say it again CLASS ACT ! So, interference from that damned Syn cost me the match after I hit my Weapon X. Following the match it was "Sweet" Jimmy D's new show that's going to be all the rage, The Sweet Spot, and I was the first guest ! So, I walk through the curtain, and have enough time to turn around put my leather on, and back out I go, literally. Syn, along with myself, Nick Logan, and lasalle's very own he-dyke Natasha, Hosted by the "Sweet one" Cut the longest,profanity laden, promo ever. I'm not kidding it went around 15 minutes. The crowd was very hot for the entire thing though, I was shocked. We set up a 2 out of 3, No DQ, Falls count anywhere, only pinfalls, TLC. a "HELL ON EARTH" match. Maybe we can settle this. Or maybe not. One thing I promise...Blood will be shed, and heads are gonna roll. So, we're all supposed to head to an afterparty at the Lounge. Some of us decide to eat before heading over. Brandon, and Meano(which I was glad to see, I hadn't seen her in quite awhile) were going to follow me, but I must have hit Brandon alittle hard, because he followed the wrong car. Meano followed him. I make it to the chossen eatery, and call a few people to make sure everyone knows where the place is. Terry Hopper,and "THGF" Stacy arrive we put in our drink order, I was turned on to this awesome citrus-esque drink, I can't remember the name, but it was very good, and bright green. So, Kurt,Nick,and Benito & family arrive. I guess no one else could find it,lol. So, we all finish our meals, and decide to grab some booze,and head over to Nick's pad to view the tape. Watched, and BS'd for awhile, I ended up leaving Lasalle around 4, so it was day break before I got home. Solid show, good crowd reaction's, and a great time. Looking forward to the "Hell on Earth" Nov. 29, and Looking forward to this sat. NEW, when I take on Vinny Rattlocke in a casket match. We all know who's going to win that ! I am no FLAMER, and Come Sat. I'm gonna prove it. 
Until next time......
Stay Wylde !!!!!!!
Gettin "Down with the Brown" !
I woke up around 5am. I had a run going from Oakwood,Il. to New Paris,Oh. Just across Indiana. Met up with my driver at 6am. Again, I run as an escort..infront or behind of oversized loads on the highway. The run was mostly uneventful with the exception of some dumbass almost hitting me, because he didn't want to let me, and my load over to make our turn safely. Luckily, I can be quite the agressive driver. Drop the load around 10am. alittle over an hour from Indianapolis. I would've stopped by some friends',but they weren't home. So, off to the mall in Indy. I'm in a mall with absolutely NO shopping agenda feeling like a cast member from a Kevin Smith classic. I decide I'm going to see "The Rundown" which doesn't start until 1:05. I venture about aimlessly for a half hour or so. End up hitting on some random chick in the "Sunglass Hut". Go out to the car, and make a few calls to some friends I needed to catch up with. BTW: Huge Congrats goes out to my boys Void Effect for getting a NWA-TNA tryout in the coming weeks, and getting work on the east coast. Good job guys ! I see one of those hydro-massage machines. $10/ 7 min. HAD to try it. It was "Interesting" to say the very least. Still have some time to kill. Off to the arcade. I HAVE NEVER...EVER been in an arcade that you couldn't put actual money directly into the machine, or even tokens. In this arcade you must buy a pre-payed game card which you must feed into the machine instead of currency. So, I kick some zombie ass,and it's getting close to start time. Get a drink, and in my seat in enough time to see the strangest Cheez-its advert. I've ever seen. Matrix: Revolutions is going to be something that should be shown on IMAX screens. The movie starts.. The first fight scene was alittle fast,and difficult to see, but you could somewhat tell what was happening, a scene where you see Beck(the Rock) take on around 8 pro football players, and club security. This was actually a very decent movie. A few over the top moments. Beck could best be described as a "Human Superman" Loved Sean William Scott's stuff, good shit ! Look for a sequel or two from this one. Next stop, Shelbyville. Get to the venue before 4pm. Shoot pleasantries. Find out what's needed of me, and along with some friends..off to walmart, again with absolutely no shopping agenda. Killed some time, and back at the venue. Sit out back talking with some of the boys. Myself, along with some of the boys,and Dlo Brown decide to toss around a football for awhile, until the school ajoining the venue catches on FIRE. Don't know the details, but it didn't stop our game of catch until the fire department arrives. Get in gimmick. I was slated to turn heel, which I've said before I feel more "at home" doing. So, I kick back,and wait for belltime. They announce me,and I make my way to the ring. I slipped on some water as I was getting in to the ring. I went down hard ! Had I been working face, it would have been very difficult to get the crowd back, but since I was Heeling. It worked in my favor. Cut a promo, those fans now officially loath me. Got a loud "Flamer" chant throughout the entire match. Vinny was instantly over huge as a face. It worked out really awesomely !! We worked the match, and even though we didn't do anything HUGE, but there were alot of Oh's,and Ah's. I think even a "Holy Shit" chant. That crowd reminds me of an ECW crowd. We did our job, the fans did their job, it went very well. I'm enjoying the story that is unfolding with the Vinny Rattlocke fued. I get to the back, and decide to take a cruise to the gas station. I still had the Battle royale to work. I got lost,and alittle worried. Found out where I was, in enough time to top off my gas tank, and make it back to the venue in time to see the Apollo/Dlo match. Good stuff. The Royale came around. I'm still feeling the heat from earlier in the night. What's cool is for a few it was Myself, Psycho, Apollo,and Dlo working stuff. One spot I was working Psycho in one corner. Dlo/Apollo on the floor cross corner. Psycho reversed me corner to corner, just as I'm running full steam Dlo tosses Apollo in where I'm running. I jumped, and went face first HARD into the turnbuckle. Dlo gave me props on it. He said we couldn't have planned, or practiced that spot,and made it look any better. I leveled Dlo when Apollo shot me corner to corner. You don't dodge the "WyldemAn Xpress" Vinny hit the ring we battled. He ducked me,and I'm eliminated. So, I help pull him out. He leaves me laying with his finisher on the floor. Bastard ! Anywho, we all get dressed. There's a plan to go to some bar for an afterparty. I had planned on my bud Tim riding with me, but the ring had to be taken down. It's been quite awhile since I've packed up a show. I had forgotten how long it takes. So, Tim decided he'd find a ride. I followed a friend to the bar. This was a nice little place. I hung out with a few associates of NEW, until my friend Aaron,and his woman arrived. Fun people. Tim never did make it. We all just kick it, until Dlo & co. arrive. That's when it picked up. Dlo's posse consisted of Justin Tyme, Brother Clay, and Drew somthing from HWA, w/ two stripper chick's from ohio. Somehow Dlo, Myself, and the chicks took over half the dance floor. Dlo sporting the cool ass pimp hat I borrowed from Hayze. I think everyone with our group sported that hat atleast once. Me, trying to help Dlo's game..Challenged his armpiece to an armwrestling match. If I win, She must do WHATEVER I tell her to do. If she wins, I buy her a drink. With Dlo's assist she won. I wanted a rematch... She won again. Ok, so I buy her a drink. Then, the ENTIRE table gives a recital of the song playing: Bon-Jovi's "Livin on a prayer" We sang VERY LOUD, very bad, but very fun !! So, Dlo,and Justin Tyme, along with Candy,and the other stripper decide to call it a night around 1:30. Me,and Drew decide to get some fresh air. We're hanging out by my car, and Dlo &co. we're still waiting on the cab. So, they hangout with us. We're all half drunk,and having fun. Somehow,(and I'm not saying names, but) some interesting softcore stuff went on, on my hood. I don't remember her name, but she had great natural tits, and didn't think twice about flaunting them. Thanks ! So, after what seemed like a half hour +, the cab finally arrives. Off they go. Me,and Drew make our way back inside. Aaron,his girl, Blade, Brother Clay, Drew, a few locals,and myself hang out alittle more. I was feeling very good, and probably shouldn't have driven home, but I needed to help my uncle move the following day. So, I stopped the steady flow of beer that I'd been pumping in for the last few hours. Said my goodbye's to some very cool people,and on the road I am. I was in worse shape than I thought I was. So, I stopped at a White Castle to get something in my stomache. After all the happening's in the day, I had fogotten to eat. I ate, and sat until I felt safe enough to drive. Made it home after 5am. So, 24 hours straight, and I'm back home. It was another Wylde weekend, and I truely did "Get Down with the Brown"!!
Until next time......
Stay Wylde !!!!!!!

wYldemAn Cronic-als vol.1 !
This entry is a bit overdue,and will even further kill kayfabe(as these commentaries usually do),but here goes. The charity show was last weekend in Princeton. I was scheduled to work Tristin Hayze who lives somewhat on my way to Princeton. So, I decide it'll cut almost an hour of driving off Saturday morning if I venture to Hayze's house friday night. We arranged it,and shot around the idea of hitting the "Silver Bullet"(Plug), Nice place with not alot of class,and a whole lot of ass. Unfortunately due to having way too much fun Friday night. I wasn't able to get to Hayze's until after 4am. He was already passed out.... So, I break in his back door. Into his room I go,and start making ALL kinds of noise. I thought he had pissed himself. It was great ! So, we hang out for a few,and crash about 5:30. We got on the road around 10:30 after I borrow his cool ass pimp hat. Get to the venue by the requested time of 1:30. A place called the "Cadilac Ranch" (sounds stripclubby) Nice place though. They were having free food,and drafts outside in a fenced in area where there was a huge pavilion, and next to that the ring. I guess one cover charge got access to what was mostly a glorified beer garden. Do the meet & greet ritual. The shows start time had been pushed back to 4pm, so we had time to kill. We grab up Benito to head to Walmart. Hayze had some film he wanted developed. At some point I ended up hugging at the "Crotchal area" of a poor,unsuspecting Wally world employee. I'm not going into details on this, but let's just say, we made an impression on the staff. Us being goofy as hell was probably one of the more interesting things that happened in what seemed to be a boring ass walmart. So, back to the venue we go. We still had PLENTY of time. We shoot a few games of pool which I kicked Hayze's ass at. That's Dub-C: 1 Hayze: 0 Write that down. Get my cam set up, and begin getting dressed. I was now scheduled to second in the first match, work the second match,and the forth match. There were only five matches scheduled. Biggity BAM, Show starts. I'm working heel here which I enjoy more than face. I come out with Benito, and this other girl(can't recall her name right now) Anyone who's seen me second knows I'm very animated in that roll. So, I'm half blown up after the first match. Team with Pledge Jones for the second match against Simply Marvelous. This match was decent lots of heeling it up. It went close to 15 minutes. We went over,and I didn't even see the finish, because I was being beaten into the crowd, which was shockingly around 100. At a bar !  So, I got one match between me,and Hayze. I asked them to take there time... So, 4 minutes later. Literally from entrance to exits ; 4 minutes. Back out I go. Worked the hell out of the crowd for almost 5 minutes straight. Hayze comes out dumps water all over me, which I really appreciated ! We worked the match. It was a good match, one I'm proud of. It went 8min, and that's after I cut the match down over halfway through. My ass was tired. I need to work on my cardio more, and quit fucking smoking ! Anywho, We hit some nice shit that got great reaction's.Killed him on a spear. I got alot of the ever so popular "Flamer" chants, which are always fun when I'm heeling. Kicked Hayze's ass again,and Dub-C: 2 Hayze: 0 Write that down. So, I worked for like 35 min. with a 4 min break. So, I guess the show only went an hour or so. If the main was twenty. I got cleaned up, and changed. As much as those people tried to hate me, everyone I spoke with was impressed. Btw: I had been capitalizing on the free booze lighty, until the show ended, then it went to heavy. I had a pretty good buzz on !Then, A few of the boys decide to throw on an impromptu "Special Attraction match" considering the ring was still up. Hayze reffed. A spot in the match was him taking a ref bump. Like a Military press from one guy, into a diamond cutter from the other guy. I was feeling good, and been heckling,and like leading the crowd in chants(all the while sitting on some chicks lap,lol) I had a "Kill the ref" chant going 75% of the match. So, along comes the ref bump which the crowd was super hot for. The cutter got botched, Train hooked as if to deliver, then just let Hayze fall without bumping him self. The fans started pissing,and moaning, so I jump out of the crowd. Hooked Hayze,and "Innovated some ImaKt" when I revealed one of my newest moves. A fishermans buster into a diamond cutter. It would probably pose a problem for me if attempted on a larger man than myself. During delivery I crushed my beloved sunglasses (RIP). This got the crowd back into it, and they moved on to the finish. After the finish, I tossed Hayze back in, and we ran a quick spot. We had teased the Chin music a few times in our match,and it never got delivered. So, He ducks a closeline,and gives the fans what they want,and me a black eye. Hayze took a mean ass chokeslam from Jonas, and that was the show. We all kind of hung out, and did some crowd interaction stuff. We say our goodbye's,and we head back to Walmart....He gets his film, and a letter that states Walmart can not develop pictures with pornographic images on them. Fuck that, guys have to EARN nude pics, and high and mighty Walmart won't develop them, why ? Anyway, he wanted a refund. They direct us to the Customer Service counter. We decide to take a poll on the way. Q: How many chicks in Walmart are taken ? A: All but one. Even this unatractive chick. The one was pretty cute, but what's wrong with her if she can't find a boyfriend in piddilyass Lasalle, Il...? Food for thought. I set hayze on the counter, and demanded a refund. She asked for my receipt, and since I bought Hayze for an 8ball, and a half bag of corn chips, I had a receipt for him. So, I left him in some Walmart in Lasalle,Il. Poor guy. Kidding. So, We leave walmart. Take this short cut that should cut off 5 minutes to Benito's..... 1 1/2 later we pull into his driveway. This is after we drove in head on traffic to get direction's. We hang there for a bit, watch the tape I got, and get a call from Alison. Who's this She-John, and likes to flip my trick. See, Hayze is also my part time Him-slut ! So, it worked out perfect that she wanted some Man-gina. We stop at the 9th st. pub in Lasalle for a brew, that place is normally packed after an RCW show. The only guy that we even remotely knew was Ace Steele. Only stayed long enough to make small talk. He informed me on how not to get a black eye from a super kick. We drive to south of Chicago. A bowling Alley. We decide "Let's toss some balls" (Stop laughing) I kick Hayze's ass once again. That's Dub-C: 3, Hayze: 0 Who's been keeping score ? That's Dub-C Grand champion. Write that down. I make that trick go get me my greenbacks, cause I needs me some Bling Bling ! I should let it be known now.... Hayze is MY Al Snow ! What Al is to Mick, Hayze is to me . Poor Hayze. So, we finally get some sleep, and it's yet another Wylde weekend !
Until next time......
Stay Wylde !!!!!!!
An Indiana Saturday night !
Welcome once again inside the perverted thoughts of "The one man wYlde mAchinE"... It was my second New Era show. I left around 2:30 and none stop I went straight to Shelbyville. I arrived @ exactly 4:20 (Ironic I know). I venture to find the Family Video. My landmark to the show, I find that, I find the show. There was some road work. So, somehow I got assbackwards. Found the Papa Johns I asked directions the first time in town. Huge pointer: If you ever need directions, Hit a pizza joint,and ask the delivery guy. Fuck gas stations, it's hard to understand most attendants ! So, I get a few things at the CVS. See, Family Video,and BAM....at the venue. This time I parked by the back door , so I wouldn't have to walk around the building to get to the car. Did the meet & greet ritual. This time I felt more comfortable. The first time..I really only knew Bailey & Mia, I had met Cru,and Apollo @ RCW, but was essentially an outsider. I also wasn't pre-occupied with any "Other situations". Which I shouldn't have let effect me. None the less, I was alot more myself, and alot more layed back. Worked out my duties for the evening, and just kinda chilled out. Worked Vinny Rattlocke again. It seemed to flow fairly easily, and came off as such on tape. Vinny busted out some new moves. One which he can consider stolen..It's like a bodyslam/F5. Maybe I'll call it Hurricane Wylde. Sorry Vinny,lol. Even though your sorry ass, broke Fyre's neck. I'm gonna use it this weekend, I'll put some stank on it though for sure ! Sorry Tristin,LMAO. This was the first time I had a chance to meet American Kickboxer. For those that don't know he's one of the trainer's @ HWA's school in Cincy. I dig talking to vet's. They have SO much to share. Great stories. Knowledge to pass down. We ended up hitting the gas station. We were in zinc on how psychology should go as far as match wise, and show wise. The cool thing was he gave me an open invite to stop in @ HWA's camp. I'll be sure to do that whenever I can. It's a four hour drive for me, but well worth it I think. I don't care who you are, If you slow up on getting in ring work, you lose a step. It's called ring rust. I break out the cam, and get some back stage stuff. Just a bunch a goofs, being goofy. Myself included. The ref Jason Harding was busting some badass card tricks out. Gotta say NEW's begining to have more of a family feel, for me atleast. There's alot of cool guys. DF Sucks !! Vortex/OMG/Bobby Black apparently had the show stealer. I hate I missed it, and would love to see the tape. So, the show ended,and it was making rounds, and Off. I'm on the road,and in a party mood. So, I recalled this nice little strip joint my friend's sister works at in Indy. WILD CHERRY *plug* I wasn't planning on staying long, just shooting the shit, and getting back on the road. I ended up staying pretty long, and spending more money than I wanted to. Damn you Holly ! Little back story on Holly. We somehow ended up all wrapped up in eachother arms one night, and have no idea how, or what happened. I really would love to know. So, We say our goodbye's. It's homeward bound. Got home about 4am, and had another fun weekend. I'm looking forward to Sept. 27, When I can get another chance to hand Rattlocke his ass. I hope to see all you wYlde HeAds come out for the Charity event this weekend. I'm facing Tristin Hayze which is a must see for any DHW fans. So, Come on out,and GET WYLDE WIT DAT ASS !!!
Until next time......
Stay Wylde !!!!!!!
This past weekend was full of some great memories. This is a weekend through the eyes of the Wyldeman....I did the Wicked show this past weekend, and the weekend as a whole was quite an interesting experience. Friday night I had to get to sleep early due to having a run at 5am. Saturday morning. Let me explain my job. I drive as an escort for oversized loads. So when you see an oversize load,and there's a car in front or behind with lights on top, that could be me. So, I got up around 4am. to be at my run by 5am. I began the run,and around halfway through found out my the truck driver was none other than Moondog Rex. Which may not be cool to most, but I was a ten year old boy living in Hornlake,Ms. which is 20 minutes from Memphis. My family, knowing how much I loved wrestling, would take me to all the USWA tv taping's. Hell, Jeff Jarrett would open the doors for us sometimes. The Moondog's were almost as big as Lawler when Lawler WAS the KING of Memphis ! I was able to get a picture of Rex, his autograph, and Gene gave me his warmup band which you can tell has had many years of use. That was pretty cool. So, I drop the load in the Port of Indiana on Lake Michigan. Which put me alittle over an hour from the Wicked show in Lasalle, IL. I had to stop off at this burrito joint Mac, Drake, and the Voids introduced me to. HUGE BURRITO'S ! Mow down, and biggity BAM I'm in Lasalle. I went to Benito Gonzales' house 1/2 owner of Wicked.. Not knowing where the venue was. I got a chance to relax on the couch while Benito,and Nick Logan(other 1/2 owner) finished up some errands needed for the show. We go to the venue where ring crew,and staff were setting up. Grin,and company were the first to arrive. We all bulled around for a while, until Los Mex arrived with JTW. Then smickity SMACK more people begin to arrive. My MAN Terry f'n Hopper brought a copy of my new entrance music;(which wasn't used anyway,but will be debuted @ NEW) Raise Up:Saliva. Great song ! After almost two years of using Disturbed's: Down with the Sickness, I want a change up. So, the locker room fills. Jerry Lynn I had met before @ an NEW show in IN. So, I gave him some shit. At that show someone hadn't put any padding on the apron of the ring, so Jerry hit his scissors kick on the apron, and landed hard with NO padding. I'm pretty goofy in the back. So, I'm cracking jokes, and getting it back. All of the sudden Eryn throws her bouncey ball at my "stuff" which I luckily caught. I attempted to bounce the ball where it would hit Eryn's ass, It did, but deflected into the wall, and smacked Lynn right in the back of the head. He kept it until after class,LOL. Hear tell she did get it back. Anywho, so belltime comes around. Julian, and Stone(Who's still the same asshole he was a year ago, gotta love em) They were on first which is a hard act for anyone to follow. Syn (Benito) was out, since he was a local boy he got a somewhat face reaction. I enter hit some mic work, and it became more clear who was face/heel. We had a hot opener until I went for a springboard elbow, which I've hit many times before, and didn't hit at first. I hated the ropes, very thin. Regardless, that won't be happening again. We worked through. I was supposed to do a dive off the top to the outside. Syn w/ WWA's version of 3 rings all noticably saw me. So, I dropped back into the ring,and did a somersault dive to the floor. Great pop ! Continued as planned until the end, WWA's version of 3 rings pulled Terry f'n Hopper early, ah well, I leaned over to grab Redpac, and took a chairshot from Pledge Jones for my efforts. Syn hit his finisher 1,2, Screwjob ! By the end the fans Hated Syn,and Loved me, we had done our job. The cool thing here is when I finally stood, The crowd went wYlde, and that made me feel great to get that kind of reaction. I Get to the back, got dressed. All the while having a good time with everybody there. Did a run in for the televised charity match. Got beer all over. I was informed my gimmick pants made Eryn want to vomit. They have the same affect on me, but I'll live. When I get new pants Eryn,and everyone else that hates them will receive an invite to my "Burning or the Pants ceremony." So, I change again. Tried to set Angus up with this really good looking chick,and I hope he gets in touch with her. She's a doctor ! It was good to see Eric Freedom, he was the first person I told I was quiting PCW. It's nice to see the other guys from Powerhouse. Floyd still does this funky spinning sideways weird ass bump,and is as queer as a three dollar bill. Jonas...I think he grew !We all make rounds,and off to the bar most of us go. Lynn was going which was nothing short of AWESOME for me, because I've always been a huge fan of ECW, and Jerry Lynn was definately one of the reason's for that. We hung out at NEW, but didn't party. It's this nice little place called The Lounge(plug) Quite a few of us went ! Which I didn't completely expect, but was nice to see. I get out of my car, and Jonas has me get in to listen to a song I've heard thousands of times. We get out, and immediately we see a couple walking, Jonas' ass starts hitting on the poor girl. Now, Jonas is 6'5" or so, 450ish...and had a few at the venue. So, I ask them to excuse the big man. THEN.. We walk in the door, and there the same couple stands. Jonas starts massaging the girl,(this was funny) I literally picked his arms off her, and put his arms back down on her boyfriend. Were all just kinda hangin out, and somehow I get two lovely ladies to join a few of us in pool. Which I sucked at majorly. I was distracted, mini skirts are my kryptonite. As always glad to introduce the boys, except Jonas(lol) I may get a number,and give her a call if I'm ever back through, but any chick that would put out the first night.. I'd rather pass. Class before ASS ! Write that down. I invite Lynn to come shoot, and he obliged. I'm such a MARK ! I grabbed the camcorder. I asked Jerry if I'd be a super mark if I grabbed it,and he said "We're all marks brother." That's very true. We all start hitting shots of this shit that tasted like Jager, but had some strange ass name. Somewhere through all this, I had to intercept Jonas once more,and take some poor woman to her husband. A few more shots later, and the owner starts buying shots,and taking shots with us. Somebody ordered a pizza the size of a wagon wheel, huge ! Eryn almost kicked me in the nards for trying to be goofy,and kiss her hand. Lynn showed that he's no amateur at pool by making a shot with my bare ass on the table by the pocket. We all, atleast all that was left, decide to head to Benito's house. No sooner than we arrive, Lynn, and I are back off. We hit the gas station, and got some energy drinks. I was going on like 22 hours awake. We end up talking about how much women suck,(common ground for most men)and we get LOST. Cruise alittle found a fmiliar street,and bing ! Walk in,and Angus jerks me back out the door. He wasn't aware how "Funny" Floyd was. I also think Angus is slightly Homophobic, not to a crazy point, but noticably. Floyd is crazy point, you should see it from a mile away, gay. I warned Jerry who was coming out of the john. He's just like me, they're cool as long as they don't come onto me. At one point Floyd walked by as Angus was telling me how he doesn't swing that way, and asked what Angus was telling me, Which I swirved, and avoided. Then Floyd slaps me alittle stiff, so I returned the favor, and I think he got turned on. AHH ! He sits down next to Lynn as were all watching Lynn/RVD 2 Floyd's all leaning over infront of Lynn, then everyone starts bombarding him with questions. Lynn just kind of looked at me like "Uff" I nudged his foot, and motioned for the door. We get outside, and he thanked me for saving him, that's awesome. He said he wouldn't have minded all the questions, had they been one at a time,lol. Wasn't long till the search party came.We all kicked it outside, me again with some lame ass jokes. Floyd ends up face down in a garbage can, and I guess that was Lynn's ride to the hotel. We had to come up with a plan to get Floyd's keys to get out Lynn's stuff. Somehow they got em. I don't want to know. So we didn't get lost Angus,and Benito rode along, and around 5am. We dropped off Jerry at the hotel. We all get back to Benito's,and this comentator's(talon's) Girlfriend was passed out slung over the porch. This was a 45 minute ordeal to either get her in the house, or in his car to get her home. I'm glad Jerry wasn't around for this scene, lots of puking ! Finally got that resolved. Angus,and talon hoisted her into the car, off they went. Angus takes off, he was sober by then. Boy loves to drink he'd make his ancestor's proud he is Irish you know. I get about 3 hours of shut eye,and drive home 2 1/2 hours+ ! Got home,and some friends were already here swimming. 12er & 5th. in hand. I couldn't resist. I don't drink very often, but again I find myself three sheets to the wind. Around 9-10 I just couldn't hang anymore. I crash, but not without a weekend full of memories !! Good Times !
Until next time......
Stay Wylde !!!!!!!
State of the wYldemAn address 3!
As most of you know the last three consecutive Darkhorse shows have been cancelled. Needless to say that is a very disappointing situation. I really had high hopes for that company. They started off on the right foot, and have somehow developed two left feet. I beleive the best thing to do would be to take a few steps back, and go at it the right way. With sponsors, Advertisment, "Names", Bands. Anything to draw an interest to their product. I did an NEW shot in Shelbyville,IN, and simply put that's how a promotion should be run ! They had Police, Ambulance, Security, were well organized, had a decent roster with very nice people. They had the interest of the town. If there was anything else going on that night..You couldn't have known it, Those people were ALL about NEW. I worked a guy named Vinny Rattlocke, he was cool. He's still getting his bearing's, but was still a good big man. I was disapointed in my own performance, I was happy with it until I got the tape home, and realized I barely invited the crowd to participate at all, and that's normally something I take pride in having the ability to do. I think NEW will see a different Wyldechylde come the 30th. Jerry Lynn was fun backstage, he almost dropped his pants for my cam until his fiance made the save, funny stuff which will go on the bonus materials section of Best of Wyldechylde Vol. 1 dvd(plug) Scheduled for completion Early Jan. NEW was ran by Tom and Troy Van Zant. Surprisingly young guys, who obviously know what it takes to run a successful fed, and They can work. Which sometimes isn't the case when a promoter is also a worker in their fed. I got to see Bailey Mannix, and Mia...Those two kids look so cute together. I got to meet the "Other" Lollipop from NWA-TNA, Uterly striking in person. I want to work her,lol. First person to 10 school boys(Wink) Nonetheless, I can't wait until Aug.30. What's happening with IUWA? I don't want to make any comment on the IUWA situation, except this: "I work for money, when the situation is resolved I'll work for who hires me". Now, WWA. They are opening this coming weekend. I hope to do my part to help them be a viable competitor to the monster that is know as RCW. I am looking forward to the show very much. There are quite a few guys I haven't seen in quite awhile. Like Jonas,and Steve Stone who I haven't seen in over a year. That guys cool. He's honest with himself,and everyone around him. Which is the way I am, and something I respect. There are also quite a few I have seen, but love anyway. Julian, Grin, Los Mex, Angus, Freedom, etc... Along with getting to hang with Lynn again, This should be a fun show! This has become a very long Commentary, so I'm done for now. I've been very busy in my personal life, but hope to keep you all updated on the wrestling stuff more.
Until next time......
Stay Wylde !!!!!!!
State of the wYldemAn address 2 !
 It's been quite a while since my last update. So, I had to break out a brand new commentary.  UCW had a show recently in Danville, Il. Where I curently reside(and the WyldesYde ofcoarse!) It was a good time. The fun thing was, I did heel(in the town I live in), and got very good heat from a smaller crowd. Small yes, but they were loud from this point on. I enjoyed working for Jimmy Kleckner, and look forward to my next opportunity to do so. This past Sat. was IUWA's Aftermath. I arived alittle earlier than I usually do,and the ring was only in it's begining stages. I helped with that. It was one of only a few ring's I've assisted with since cutting my toe in half 6 hours before my last match in Powerhouse. Yes, I had flashbacks. I just kinda hung out until I found out my duties for the evening. I was put in a chain match with "God of War" Aries. We had a good showing. What If? was the live band that played me to the ring. That was enjoyable,and a first. I look forward to meeting those guys again. Awesome guys !! I got to chit chat with Brandon Bishop a number of times,and Angus Mcduff those two are always fun. I met Konnan for the first time,he seemed like his head was elsewhere,but was still cool. He gave me some pointers I will take to heart about my work, Nothing bad just helpful hints. I like chatting with veterans, they've been where I'd like to be,and I have a great deal of respect for that. I got Lexi all mad at me(I won't punch her in the face no more) She still loves me. Maybe she just told me that so I'd get her back while that crazy cat Mad Dog was sniffing at her feet(I will punch him in the face again). I did my rounds,and proceeded on my 3+ hour trip home, what fun. I'm looking forward to a double shot weekend. I have a debut for NEW in Shelbyville,IN sat. with Disco Inferno/Glen Gilberti on the show. The next night it will be DHW. That's right on a sunday. I've been told my opponent will not be announced until the show. That's cool. I like to kick ass..it doesn't matter who's !  It's cool I'm getting more shows closer to home!  Neither of the shows this weekend are more then an hour,and a half from my house. In this dude's book that's cool. Well, I hope you all come out for the show's, and
Until next time......
Stay Wylde !!!!!!!
IUWA Lockdown !
 This was quite easily the most successful show I have been a part of during my run thus far at IUWA. I carpooled with Terry Hopper. Terry is the best ref I have had the chance to work with, and will go far with his ability to third a match. We arrived at the show around 4:30, and my newest bud in the biz was there to greet us, 9 mil, Along with his brother,and Mitch Blake. We all shot the shit for a minute, and then into the building we went. As soon as I changed out of some of my street clothes, a meeting was called. Sat in on that finding out my duties for the evening. I was put with Alucard which was one of the first guys to befriend me, and intergrate me into the IUWA family. Except for guys I already knew. I had wanted to work Alucard for a while,and was able to. He will grow more comfortable in the ring as he gets more expereince behind him. The kid's not bad though. I'm not old(just turned 23) I just like saying kid,lol. We didn't have very much time alloted for me to get the best feel for him, but I'd like to meet him again down the road. I did however get to debut two moves IUWA had not seen from me, and I got a bag full I haven't busted out on em yet. Just wait they don't call me the Innovator of Impakt for nothing ! So, I worked my match, and before I headed to dress..Angus Mcduff earns his gimmick, and buys the first round. Angus, I know from Powerhouse, I worked him in his first pro match actually, He's an awesome friend, and SO nice ! I'm not sure on the future for DHW this month it seems there may not be a show. Which may be a good thing. Take a step back, see what works, what doesn't,and take time promoting the next show as to not dissapoint our fanbase in Villa Grove..I'm sure DHW will not let anyone down on their return. This works out on two fronts. I worked my first IWC show,and was invited back, however due to a previous commitment with IUWA, I could not make IWC's April 5th show. I wasn't going to be able to make the next show, due to my commitment to DHW, and now I can. Dark Horse has a special place for me. It is located very close to my home....40 min. as opposed to the 3 hr. drive I take back,and forth to Chicago atleast twice a month. They also seem to be letting my gimmick ride,and see what happens. I'm in certain talks, and may be making a few more debuts very shortly, quite possibly in another state stay tuned for details....Though in this buisness who really ever knows ?!  I can pretty much promise it won't be in LWF, My own personal reasons that I should not air in a public forum. Back to IUWA. I met Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka for the first time that night, and along with 9-mil was able to walk away with some good memories, I can't wait to see Jimmy again. He's very down to earth. I've met quite a few "names"(Bundy, Hawk, Sheik, Saggs, Lawler, etc..) and Snuka was the humblest, most personable guy I've met. Tied with Brandon Bishop ofcoarse ! I got to kick it wit all my Peeps,and I realized regardless of the shit people talk, and the disrespect some throw towards IUWA, I have a really good time at every show !! You can't knock that. Can you? I should let you go for now though....
Until next time......
Stay Wylde !!!!!!!
DHW Stampede !
I was happy with most points of the night ! This crowd was smaller than the one that came the first show,but they were just as loud,and it was a breath of fresh air! I wrestled Bill E. Valentine. This was not my first time wrestling Bill,but the last time we faced off was when I had my toe almost severed six hours before our match. So, I was happy to get the chance for a 1 on 1 when I was healthy. We worked pretty snug,and laid stuff in. I walked away with a black, bloody eye,and he walked away knowing he'd just had a hard fought match. I came away with the win,but Bill is very talented,and should go far in DHW ! I've got IUWA April 5th...should be fun, I hope to see you all there,and
Until next time......
Stay Wylde !!!!!!!
State of the WyldemAn Address
After a lenghty period of silence, due to simply being to busy to work on the site. I would have written this much sooner,but am coming off a very unwanted Cold/Flu {whatever}!!  Which began the day after the DHW show,and my fever didn't break until early Friday !! Back to DHW ! That show was a very good experience. The crowd (small as they were) Raised some hell ! I was very pleased to see how well the DHW fans accepted all the guys,and myself. The overall impression was that not an ass that was in those seats left feeling jipped, every fan knew they got more than there money's worth, and they loved it ! I along with the rest of the boys also loved performing for the,and are looking forward to doing it all over again March 22 !! I was on second. Some last minute re-writing was needed due to the weather preventing some of the scheduled wrestlers from appearing. So, I ended up in a four corners elimination against Spanish Bliztkreig, Big Don, Badboy Rob. I was happy with how the match turned out. The crowd was very into the story we told,and it should make for an interesting one on one against Badboy Rob. I was valeted by the beautiful Angel, and we had an interesting dynamic together. I would like to say Thank You to everyone working so hard to make this show a success !!  DHW will do nothing, but get Bigger,and Better. The word of mouth should do wonders for attendance,and the product will speak for itself !! I should be going over to Villa Grove as early as this weekend, to meet, and greet fans...sign autographs, and push the March 22nd show.  There will be many interesting things unfolding in DHW in the next few months. Well
Until next time......
Stay Wylde !!!!!!!
IUWA:  New Yearz Chaos
The word chaos has never rang so true,and on Jan.25,2003.Chaos ended the night at the Paul Hall center. A man that many look up to,and even though I met him not long ago....I can call a friend. Ivan aka: ChiTown T was in a match that ended with him being driven off the turnbuckle,through a table set on fire ! Ivan suffered 1st & 2nd degree burns on 30% of his body. Now,I send my best wishes out to ChiTown,and his family. Ivan I know your a tough cookie,and will be back. In this buisness there is a drive to push the limit to impress the naysayers. Raise the bar,and entertain people. Some don't understand it,some do. How far is too far...Who's to say ? This was an avoidable event,but was done with the fans entertainment in mind,I am sure. Ivan is a grown damn man,and would never have done something he was not comfortable doing. He knew the spot,and the risks involved. On that night it was an acceptable risk,FOR HIM,so he took that risk. Accidents happen,and IUWA should not be looked down on for trying to entertain there fans,be it 30 or 3000. Would I have done the spot, personally,not infront of 30 people,and with a good story leading to it. Not fire,it's far TOO unpredictable ! I did a table spot for the same audience,but there was no fire involved,and the story has been building between Julian,and myself leading to this. I hate that a hard lesson was learned. They will get past this,and put it behind them I'm sure. Now, Also at this show.....It was Me,Loki,and Alexis in a tag match against Julian the Warlock,and Alucard. Parts of this match felt really good,some parts felt alittle off,but the match as a whole,I was very pleased with. The end came when JTW dodged my WylderYde spear,and retaliated with his own version, I kind of blacked out at that point until I felt a steel chair slamming into the table I was trapped in. It was for the very first time I have been carried away from the ring,and you can bet this action will NOT go unpunished. I'm kind of layed up right now. I've been advised to try to get alot of bedrest,and very little activity. I don't know how soon it'll be before I am at 100%,but I'll damn sure be making my debut in IWC regardless of how I feel Feb.15th.,and DHW Feb.22. The next time I'm in IUWA expect the Innovator of ImpaKt....to do just that MAKE AN IMPAKT !!!!
 "Heads are gonna roll !!!"
Until next time......
Stay Wylde !!!!!!!
KOTC      X-perience
I arrived at the venue around 3 o'clock. I spoke with Menace,Tristin,and a few others. Not alot of people come that early so James (IUWA's former referee),and myself took off for a while. James is supposed to be starting a new fed in IL. called ICWF,and I wanted to discuss with him in person how much loyalty means to me. So we get back to the venue,and I met alot of guys I hadn't met....Great Melinko, Colt Cabana (who came off somewhat quiet) just to name a few. It was great to see all the boys I already knew,and it always is. Willie Da bomb was in attendance,as was GQ, Los Mexicanos, Tyme Page, Wizard,and many others to watch the show. *On a personal note* the first time I met Germel(GQ) He came off very brash without seeing me work. After my match he came up,apoligized,and Complimented my match. He was very impressed,and we ended on a high note. That took something for him to swallow his pride,and admit he was wrong. He earned my respect,and I hope to work him someday. My friends Void Effect got split open off of a plancha,where they smacked heads. Those cuts were totally real,they both should have gotten stitches,AM eventually did,but not until after his next match. I gotta give it to both of those guys for continuing.Mad Props boys ! I dug the Hardbody Contest Lollipop is a naughty girl,lol. The lockerroom was cool as always with all those crazy cats, a WyldemAn such as myself would have a hard time not having fun. I want to give a shout out to the guys from Primetime who were also in attendance. Always a pleasure. I've also gotta say that the boys I worked were Awesome,and the match felt good. It was only Rican's forth or fifth match,but the kid is good,and can only get better. One more thing...KJ, I loved those pants...Sexy BABY, YEAH ! Well, I hope to see you all this saturday when Loki, and myself take Julian and Alucard clean outta the game !
Until next time......
Stay Wylde !!!!!!!
LWF       X-perience
Well, I had an interesting time this weekend. I got up saturday around 8am. to meet Zero from Void Effect at his house at 10am. We did the jaunt up to Peotone to workout with the boys from Primetime, I've said it before and I'll say it again...Those guys are great guys ! We had fun. I worked a match just in training with AM Vishion. It felt solid,and  I'd love to work that guy on a show. He really lays it in there,and I like working snug. Jason Allen is up there with Brandon Bishop for the nicest guy I've met in the biz. We all went and did the Subway thing. We stopped to pick up a buddy then off to the Midlo-dome for the LWF New Years Evolution show. Good show it was definitly on par to RCW's production, and I very much enjoyed the show. The locker room may have just had a few more guys that I knew than RCW's,but I didn't feel akward in the least. I loved RCW's locker room just didn't know everyone. I really felt good about myself when Dixie told me I had an edgy rockstar look,and then told me I had pretty eyes, well thanks sweetheart,and you've got a great belly. I kicked it alittle with Marxy (Eric Marx) It's utterly scary how much me and that guy think alike sometimes. It was awesome seeing Brandon Bishop as always. Benji,and Whack were real cool,and seemed really positive towards possibly bringing me in soon. Again, though it's a see how things progress kind of thing. I got a chance to scout JTW for our next match the 25th. It took everything I had not to smack him again with a chair...it was SO fun the first time. Anyway, after the show VE, Josh Graning from Midstate pro, JJ Drake, Johnny Mac(fun dude),and myself went for some burritos(Great burritos I might add) So, by the time me and Zero got back in town it was already 4am. This 20 hour day was worth repeating,and I hope you will all see me soon in LWF.
Until next time....
RCW        X-perience
This weekend I went to RCW's New years evil. Nice overall production. They truley lived up to the hype as far as I'm concerned. As far as the actual show went I was quite impressed with everyone's work ethic, everyone that worked really busted their asses. I got the chance to talk to Jimmy Jacobs,he's still the same guy,but I gotta say he's put on some weight and looks in better shape. I sat in the back with those wacky guys from primetime,and some others. I also caught up some with Cameron Cage who I haven't spoken with but a few times since our PCW tenure together. Glad to see he's still a nut,lol. I mean that in the best way.This crowd was the very best I have witnessed since ECW,I got goose bumps on how hot they were !! Soon after intermission Tweek came out and we took in the rest of the show with our friend Brian. I was in the locker room a few times,and felt somewhat at ease. Everyone was really personable,and didn't look at me like I was a stranger. That was cool,because being a former PCW guy I thought there may have been some friction. Though, I didn't go in there as a ex-PCW guy, I went in there as a worker. I met alot of guys for the very first time such as Ace Steel,Vic Capri,CM ,and the list goes on. Very professional, good guys, great locker room. After the show,it was off to the 9th st.Pub. Nice bar. Loved the scenery. I shot some pool, drank some beer,and had an awesome time. Eric Marxy is fun as hell.Acid was cool. Ace ,Vic ,Double M ,Jay ,Tweek ,Iggy , Vito.....I will party ANYTIME with those boys.I can't forget Mad Mark ! (great rib bro) I had some lengthy conversation with the power that be,and we will see how things progess. Never know where a wYldemAn's gonna turn up. None-the-less I had a blast, and it ranks up there as one of my top career highlights...and I didn't even work the show.
Until next time....
*** Happy New Year ***
Well, it's a new year. Out with the old,in with the booze. I did IUWA this past saturday,and I always enjoy going up there. Their guys are upbeat,and there aren't any cliques...it's just a big family. I worked a rematch with Julian the Warlock,and it seems as if that feud is really heating up. That chairshot he gave me at the last show got the receipt I promised at this one. The next show will be a chair on a pole match,and that should blow the roof off the Paul Hall center. I'm looking forward to attending RCW this weekend. There are alot of guys from "My old fed" I can't wait to see,and alot more guys I have yet to meet,and have really wanted to. Guys I've been looking up to for a while now. I hope to be in that mix sooner than later. We'll see how things go. KOTC is quickly aproaching,and Angus McDuff will be my partner in the preliminaries. I've wrestled against Angus,and known him for quite awhile. We should be able to qlick,and make it work. I guess we'll see. Well,my new year has started off good,and I hope everyone elses did aswell. My personal resolution was to get in much better shape.I suppose I've gotta put that new home gym to use. Well,again to all of you....
Welcome to my first true commentary:
Where to start ? It seems like the backlash from the PCW incident is slowing. However I'm not going to be so blind as to think it will be forgotten soon, especially by my former promoter Tim Lyle. I was really growing unhappy in PCW,and already was starting to mainstay for IUWA. Tim called me and asked me to completely change my gimick. He wanted me to come out drop the leather jacket, renounce any affiliation with America,and claim I had adopted the beleifs of the nation of Islam. I was getting good reactions as a face,and considering my brother is a marine,I didn't really dig it. Tim assured me that if I did it I would be pushed as the top heel in the company. Also promising I would get to take the camel clutch from the Iron Sheik. Fans won't understand the draw for that,but I bet the workers do. He also said we would switch around the Light-heavy strap..Just for now,but lead me to beleive there would be some angle played out to explain it.Nonetheless,I agreed. I got there,and everything had been switched up. I was stripped of the title,and not told this. I wasn't making a heal turn therefore no top heel spot,or working with Sheik. On top of this the toe incident. I had to draw a line at some point. I really would have wanted the whole leaving part to be a better situation. I wasn't happy,even as a champion.I was probably not going to work for Tim any longer either way. It just happened to end on the note that it did, due to the situations in the day. By the way, my toe is at around 90% and shouldn't give me any more problems,though the shattered part of the bone probably will not heal.
 Fast foward: I have been in what could be considered heavy talks for a few weeks now with Tim's rival(hear him tell) RCW, there is no confirmation of anything other than the fact I will be in attendance at New Years Evil. However, I seem to be getting some fans support on there board with just the fact that I'm coming. Seems as though some would like me to welcome RCW to the wYldesYde, all goes well it'll happen. I will say that from what I hear the fans there are off the charts the very BEST fans in Illinois or anywhere else for that matter, so it oughtta be interesting Jan.4 ! I can't wait. While I'm on RCW..I want to give a shout out to the TOP heel since the companies inception, the injured Double M. I haven't met the guy, but it sucks to hear anyone else that does this (BECAUSE THEY LOVE TO DO IT) gets hurt. Heal well,bro. Now on to IUWA. Everyone in the back has really brought me into the family so to speak. I enjoy their fans too...yes,the same fans that nearly incited a riot the show before I started with them. They are very passionate fans,and I love that as a worker. I haven't been thrown into things that made absolutley no sense, hence PCW. I heard alot about Team Damn-it before I went up there,and Julian from WCPW nothing but good things, and I found they all lived up to their hype. I got the chance to work Willie,and Riot. Most recently I worked Julian. Good story in that one,but after he tried to take me clean outta the game with a steel chair. You can bet your ass I'll have my redemption. He's part of Team Damn-it, so that just means NOW....I've got more people to hurt. IUWA sees me now accompanied by the multi-talented Alexis. I need an extra set of eyes.Alexis is the women's champion,and I won't waste any time to get some gold for myself. DHW looks to be a promising place and isn't far from my house. I like the way the roster looks their. Should be a player in Illinois wrestling. Back to PCW ? (sort of)NOW..in a strange twist, I have been contacted by Mike Jonas(the Giant),and apparently he and his brother have aquired PCW's ring through certain court proceedings. They have offered me a main position in their soon coming fed. Midwest Wrestling Alliance, you may be hearing this first here ? Regardless,now I have to ponder the question wether that would be a positive move for my career right now ? I want to work all I can,however is it wise,or worth while? While I sit on these thoughts...I'm looking forward to quite a few dates coming up through early march atleast two shows a month. I hope all the wYldeheads are out in full force.That's always great to see !! Well it seems this should come to an end, so check the "Where is wylde ?" page for my show schedule,and I hope to see you all at ringside. Until next time....
Stay wYlde !!

You know, sometimes, You have to look at where you going, and where you've been. Some say " Don't burn  bridges." in this buisness. A rule of thumb for most. However, if you're not happy where your at, you've got to do what is best for you. If you burn bridges you can't go back across them. That means you have no choice but to move forward. Forward and up....So, sayeth the wYldeman !