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Friday, December 24, 2004

Friday, December 24, 2004

12:58AM - Merry Christmas !!

So, it's been awile since my last update. My usually hectic life has been a wirlwind in recent weeks. Until my heatercore blew on my car. Now I have no heat. Luckily, I did decent enough financially that I can wait till after the new year to get it fixed. Until then, anywhere I go...I better bundle up.

Wacky drunken excursion:
Went to the Funny Bone again recently. There were much more talented performers than my previous venture. Last time may have been amatuer night, I dunno, but it was like night,and day. The night is kinda blotchy though. I remember starting a tab, and raking up $60 like it wasn't anything. UFF! I recall the final comedian asking who all smoked marijuana, and not a hand in the place was down. I Can't wait till it's legal. Although it'll prolly get MORE expensive than it already is. It already is in Canada...major step in the right direction. Anyone who Smokes cigarette's and drinks booze, and look down on me for smoking some pot can kiss my ass. Both Cigarette's,and Booze are PROVEN to be more lethal, and more of a threat. I'm ranting. Anyhow, the comedian then asked who was holding, and a few people(myself included)raised their hands. The guy asked for it...WHAT, he wanted to see it...SO, I handed him my bag. He incororated it into his act...Hilarious stuff! Ballsy, you say ? Not nearly as Ballsy as having a smokefest with like 15 people deep in the parking lot after the show. No one bothered us though. I got a lift around to my car. This is where it gets bad. I didn't realize how fucked up I was, so I drive from the middle of St.Louis to the northern part, PROJECTILE VOMIT covering my windsheild. FUCK!! I pull into a parking lot, now Lindbergh is a well travelled road at anytime of the day or night. I'm hanging out my door getting sick as cars just drive by not caring, not that I wanted anyone to stop mind you. Did a halfass clean job so I could see and got back on the road. Get half way from there home,and a wreck happened on the road I was travelling on, so cops were out directing traffic. I drive by waving at the cop who apparently never noticed my windsheild. Someone was helping me out. I made it home, tried to do alittle more cleaning of my car,and passed out in the front seat for alittle bit, until my legs got cold from hanging out the car. Finally I made way into the house. I'm a lightweight anymore,and I went WAY past my limit. Next time, bring on the smoke, but no drinking for me. I'm not taking those chances anymore, I've been WAY too lucky, WAY too much. Next time, I'm not thinking twice about a cab. Dead men can't be Wylde!

So, I've been "Seeing" a few people, but I'm learning to hate girls. There isn't a single chick on the planet who is honest when she says she can deal with "No Strings" sex. Most girls SAY they're fine with it, but after a couple times...you're a "Couple" when you didn't even know about it. THEN, there's girls I do actually think would be cool to keep around, and they're the one's that stick by the no strings deal. DAMN!!! I'm way luckier in the chicks area than I should be anyway. Just cause I'm not afraid to go for it, and most guys are. Anyway, staying steady on my plan to be the poor man's George Clooney,lol!

Everyday is shorter than the last. It seems there's never enough hours in a day. There's so much more to do around here, but it's hard to fit everything in. In one word; Wirlwind!

I'm quite a bit busier than I expected to be considering I'm not sending out tapes right now, or really trying to get booking's. However, MAX,and WWA alone are keeping me fairly busy. I've got 6 shows on the books already. Plus, I'm getting my Missouri license at the begining of the year. It's more tedious then it was getting it last time. This time I'm paying for it, last time NWA-Mo picked it up. They also require a HIV/Hep C testing this time around. I know I'm cool on that, I was tested for both for a year straight every 3 months (Why? I damn near killed a guy named Wayne who was bullying my Sister,and James, and started tripping on me when I stood up for them. Knocked out most of his teeth, and he was spurting blood like 3 feet off the ground. Wayne was Hep C positive...LUCKILY, I didn't have any open wounds,and nothing got in my mouth, but had to get tested for a year for HIV,and Hep C to be on the safe side.) So, Physical, HIV/HepC test, and License fee. It'll cost alittle over $120. I need to get that, and will be looking at a GCW debut, and a UCW debut over the river. GCW has been cool to me. They had the ring set up for the week before the last show, and I got a chance to bump around with their guys. Alot of them were asking why I wasn't on a show yet(NEEDED LICENSE), so hopefully it won't be long after I get my License that I start on shows. Plus, a few longtime GCW guys are putting a bug in Ben's(GCW Owner)ear. MAX is going to start working me in singles instead of tag's...I requested it, I'm not really a tag guy, and love the idea that Myself,my opponent,and the ref, are the only one's the match relies on. Less room for error! Not to mention my one 1 on 1 match set the house on fire(Figuratively)!! WICKED... Well, after a legit 8 month title reign, I dropped the strap to Judas. The guy is over, I'll give him that, but he asked me my thoughts on him as champion after the show. I'm ALWAYS honest,and I told him I didn't think he was on the level to be champ mentally, or ring performance-wise, and there were quite a few guys in the locker room who deserved it more. Not meant to be hurtful, and if it was I appologize, it was the truth. Though, honestly when I won it there were guys who prolly deserved it more than myself. Regardless, I hope Wicked puts him with guys who won't expose his faults. The ONLY way to get him over is to make him a MONSTER, which I think I acheived, and I hope to god others follow suit. I'm sure Angus will, Angus is a damn good worker, and is SO underrated, but after Angus, then what ? I call MAX, Wicked South, because they are SO alike. Though MAX runs alot more. I'd like to do some talent exchange stuff with each company, but MAX guys can ride up with me, Wicked guys don't have that option. So, MAX guys can come up for little pay, cause transportation is taken care of,and Wicked peeps don't have that option.

2005 for Wylde:
I would like to get back to alot of the fed's I was working last year when the weather breaks, as long as my car is cooperative... Like TLW in Kentucky,and NEW in Indy, EWF in Marion...these places were really fun places to work. I may also send out tapes to quite a few places I've never attempted to get booked, primarily due to the fact I didn't feel "Ready"...With getting in the ring about 5 nights each week, I feel I've reached another level, and am in much better ring shape. Still got my gut, but I've been having alot of 20+ minute matches at the school, and that's helped my conditioning tremendously. So, I may send out some feelers/resume`s to places like ROH, TNA, IWA,and maybe even Japan,and Europe...Places I've never attempted to get booked before. We'll see ! I'm going to make a new years resolution right now to drop 20 lbs by April. That'll put me at 210 which is alot better ring weight for a 5'9" frame. 200 would be better, but I'm going with 20 right now, and shall see after I acheive that goal. Also on my list of things to do in 2005...Getting licensed to Sky Dive(1-800-SKY-DIVE Yeah!!), writing a 7 min. stand-up to try at amatuer night,(after I lose the weight)Get headshots,and an agent. Terry Hopper is going to hook me into his, unless I find another one I prefer. We discussed roadtripping to New York to one of the best headshots guys around. My uglyass needs all the help he can give me,lol. Plan on finishing my re-writes on two screenplays I have lost due to not having them in a finished hard copy, or on a disk,and my computer crashing,and losing all it's files. I did have them online, but can not find them for shit. So, I'm taking the unfinished prints, and re-entering/re-writing them(WHICH I AM SAVING ON DISKS), Plan on finishing them, and starting on some new stuff I've been brainstorming about. I also plan to go to Amsterdam if everything works out. Some friends are going in April for a week, some huge weed festival, but I'm not sure I can do that so soon. I don't know we'll wait,and see. My grandpa is also hinting about a Vegas trip, which I REALLY want to do with Grampa, before I can't ya know. Amsterdam isn't going anywhere!

Anywho with this Ballyhoo, Everyone have a great Christmas(or whatever's your deal), and A WYLDE NEW YEAR!!