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*** Happy New Year ***
Well, it's a new year. Out with the old,in with the booze. I did IUWA this past saturday,and I always enjoy going up there. Their guys are upbeat,and there aren't any cliques...it's just a big family. I worked a rematch with Julian the Warlock,and it seems as if that feud is really heating up. That chairshot he gave me at the last show got the receipt I promised at this one. The next show will be a chair on a pole match,and that should blow the roof off the Paul Hall center. I'm looking forward to attending RCW this weekend. There are alot of guys from "My old fed" I can't wait to see,and alot more guys I have yet to meet,and have really wanted to. Guys I've been looking up to for a while now. I hope to be in that mix sooner than later. We'll see how things go. KOTC is quickly aproaching,and Angus McDuff will be my partner in the preliminaries. I've wrestled against Angus,and known him for quite awhile. We should be able to qlick,and make it work. I guess we'll see. Well,my new year has started off good,and I hope everyone elses did aswell. My personal resolution was to get in much better shape.I suppose I've gotta put that new home gym to use. Well,again to all of you....
Welcome to my first true commentary:
Where to start ? It seems like the backlash from the PCW incident is slowing. However I'm not going to be so blind as to think it will be forgotten soon, especially by my former promoter Tim Lyle. I was really growing unhappy in PCW,and already was starting to mainstay for IUWA. Tim called me and asked me to completely change my gimick. He wanted me to come out drop the leather jacket, renounce any affiliation with America,and claim I had adopted the beleifs of the nation of Islam. I was getting good reactions as a face,and considering my brother is a marine,I didn't really dig it. Tim assured me that if I did it I would be pushed as the top heel in the company. Also promising I would get to take the camel clutch from the Iron Sheik. Fans won't understand the draw for that,but I bet the workers do. He also said we would switch around the Light-heavy strap..Just for now,but lead me to beleive there would be some angle played out to explain it.Nonetheless,I agreed. I got there,and everything had been switched up. I was stripped of the title,and not told this. I wasn't making a heal turn therefore no top heel spot,or working with Sheik. On top of this the toe incident. I had to draw a line at some point. I really would have wanted the whole leaving part to be a better situation. I wasn't happy,even as a champion.I was probably not going to work for Tim any longer either way. It just happened to end on the note that it did, due to the situations in the day. By the way, my toe is at around 90% and shouldn't give me any more problems,though the shattered part of the bone probably will not heal.
 Fast foward: I have been in what could be considered heavy talks for a few weeks now with Tim's rival(hear him tell) RCW, there is no confirmation of anything other than the fact I will be in attendance at New Years Evil. However, I seem to be getting some fans support on there board with just the fact that I'm coming. Seems as though some would like me to welcome RCW to the wYldesYde, all goes well it'll happen. I will say that from what I hear the fans there are off the charts the very BEST fans in Illinois or anywhere else for that matter, so it oughtta be interesting Jan.4 ! I can't wait. While I'm on RCW..I want to give a shout out to the TOP heel since the companies inception, the injured Double M. I haven't met the guy, but it sucks to hear anyone else that does this (BECAUSE THEY LOVE TO DO IT) gets hurt. Heal well,bro. Now on to IUWA. Everyone in the back has really brought me into the family so to speak. I enjoy their fans too...yes,the same fans that nearly incited a riot the show before I started with them. They are very passionate fans,and I love that as a worker. I haven't been thrown into things that made absolutley no sense, hence PCW. I heard alot about Team Damn-it before I went up there,and Julian from WCPW nothing but good things, and I found they all lived up to their hype. I got the chance to work Willie,and Riot. Most recently I worked Julian. Good story in that one,but after he tried to take me clean outta the game with a steel chair. You can bet your ass I'll have my redemption. He's part of Team Damn-it, so that just means NOW....I've got more people to hurt. IUWA sees me now accompanied by the multi-talented Alexis. I need an extra set of eyes.Alexis is the women's champion,and I won't waste any time to get some gold for myself. DHW looks to be a promising place and isn't far from my house. I like the way the roster looks their. Should be a player in Illinois wrestling. Back to PCW ? (sort of)NOW..in a strange twist, I have been contacted by Mike Jonas(the Giant),and apparently he and his brother have aquired PCW's ring through certain court proceedings. They have offered me a main position in their soon coming fed. Midwest Wrestling Alliance, you may be hearing this first here ? Regardless,now I have to ponder the question wether that would be a positive move for my career right now ? I want to work all I can,however is it wise,or worth while? While I sit on these thoughts...I'm looking forward to quite a few dates coming up through early march atleast two shows a month. I hope all the wYldeheads are out in full force.That's always great to see !! Well it seems this should come to an end, so check the "Where is wylde ?" page for my show schedule,and I hope to see you all at ringside. Until next time....
Stay wYlde !!

You know, sometimes, You have to look at where you going, and where you've been. Some say " Don't burn  bridges." in this buisness. A rule of thumb for most. However, if you're not happy where your at, you've got to do what is best for you. If you burn bridges you can't go back across them. That means you have no choice but to move forward. Forward and up....So, sayeth the wYldeman !